Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Great Debate, Round 3


asking you, the fans, to tell us what you think the team should do with the top pick in this year's draft. Each week, we will feature two of the best arguments submitted and allow fans to vote on which one was more convincing.

Last week, Mike Coville's case for Marcus Mariota edged out Leroy McFarland's case for Leonard Williams in the fan poll, receiving over 62% of the votes. The third edition of The Great Debate features Charlie Clark and Nick Mullins.

Case 1: Draft jameis winston

"There are a couple reasons why he should be the pick. The first reason is his football IQ. I don't remember who said it, either the QBs coach or offensive coordinator, but one of them said that they want their QB to be smart. With all of these comparisons to IQs like Peyton Manning, it's a no brainer. I also saw his interview with Steve Mariucci and that was very impressive to me. He knows how to play the game. He can be a leader. He is everything you should want in your quarterback." - Charlie Clark

Case 2: draft marcus mariota

"Coach Lovie Smith and the staff have said our football team will be built with a turnover creating and scoring defense and an offense that isn't asked to do too much except be efficient and eliminate turnovers. If this is true, the best decision maker of all the quarterbacks is Marcus Mariota. He had 42 touchdowns to only 4 interceptions. That looks to me like a safe, efficient offense. Winston threw as many interceptions against Florida in one half than Mariota threw all season at that point." - Nick Mullins

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