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TJ's Take: 3 Keys to Beat New Orleans


Making Plays Early on the Road** I don't know of a more glaring contrast than the beginning of the Atlanta road game two weeks ago vs. the Pittsburgh road game last week. In one game, the Bucs could do nothing to stop what turned out to be a Falcon avalanche in the 1st quarter. Yet, 10 days later at Heinz field, they made one huge play after another in the first 2 minutes of the game to get a 7-0 lead. It would eventually become 10-0 with no more "Terrible Towels" waving midway through the period. Whether it's the early defensive stop or big play, or putting together key plays in a 1st quarter scoring drive or even better, a quick strike, if the Bucs can make some things happen early, it will help immensely.Force Drew Brees into Bad Throws and Potentially INTs We know that the Buc secondary has had trouble covering in the first 4 games of the season, but a study of previous success by Tampa Bay vs. Drew Brees and the Saints shows that he will turn it over. And when he has previously, he likely give it away multiple times in a game. One of the most encouraging signs from the Steeler win was the return of both Gerald McCoy and Michael Johnson on the D line. If they can get pressure on Brees, especially up the middle right at him, then he will throw bad passes. The Bucs must turn at least one, and hopefully more, into interceptions or at the least drive-ending plays that result in punts.Give Mike Glennon the pocket/time to throw that we saw last week
Short of the Buccaneers pummeling the New Orleans defensive line on the ground all day (which everyone in Pewter and Red will gladly take), this game will come down to what we saw last week. Mike Glennon repeatedly was given the chance to look downfield and make key throws. The offensive line did a tremendous job of keeping the Steelers front 7 off of him for the most part, including on the final game winning drive. Make no mistake, the Saints D and Rob Ryan will bring more blitzes than Pittsburgh. If the Bucs handle it and let Glennon have a chance to throw, then the offense should be in business.

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