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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady Lands at No. 1 on NFL Network's 'Top 100 Players of 2022'

The Buccaneers' 45-year-old reverse aging quarterback cracks the top spot on this year's Top 100 rundown 


The grand finale has finally arrived amidst the pageantry. Every year leading up to the start of the NFL regular season, current players in the league vote to determine the Top 100 players in the National Football League. In what has turned into grand theatrics, the NFL Network periodically releases names every week in anticipation of the final night: Numbers 20-1. Checking in at No.1 on the prestigious list this year is Tom Brady. 

The former sixth-round pick's illustrious career featuring nearly every accolade plausible, solidifies the notion that Brady is the greatest to have ever played the position. His impact on the game of football and compiled resume cannot be defined by mere statistics. Brady's tenure in the NFL can more accurately be described as a work of art.

The obsession. The drive. The attention to detail. The hunger. The mastery of throws – all combine to form the anomaly that is Tom Brady. Watching 12 take the field is football in its purest form. He is a figure that can never be replicated. 

Brady is the all-time leader in passing yards, touchdowns and quarterback wins. He holds every postseason record and ranks in the top-five in every major passing category. The seven-time Super Bowl champion has been selected to the Pro Bowl a record, 15 times over the course of his 22 NFL seasons. Brady has started 316 of 318 games played with an all-time record of 243-73-0, completing 7,263 of his 11,317 attempts. He has amassed an astounding 84,520 passing yards. Then at 44-years-old with the Buccaneers in 2021, Brady posted a 5,000-yard passing season. He was at the helm of Tampa Bay's second Super Bowl in franchise history and currently owns all of the Bucs' postseason passing records. 

There are many different throwing motions and arm angles in the modern era of the NFL, but mechanics still contribute to success. That foundation consists of the throwing motion, release, follow-through and footwork. Brady sits atop the hierarchy as the most technically sound man under center. He has dedicated every facet of his life to the game of football and perfecting his craft. Brady's mentality is unparalleled, creating a larger-than-life persona on the gridiron encompassing competitiveness and leadership. He has not lost his edge and a well-deserved recognition for the GOAT.

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