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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Training Camp Takeaways: Day 10 

Top highlights during Day Ten of the Buccaneers’ 2022 training camp as players hit the field for practice 

Takeaways Day 10 Otton

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers completed their tenth training camp practice on Sunday at the AdventHealth Training Center. Intensity revved up on the outdoor fields, sparked by competition. Following practice, Assistant Head Coach/Run Game Coordinator, Harold Goodwin provided insight on the day's developments. Third-round pick Rachaad White and fourth-round pick Cade Otton had an impressive outing on the grass to the delight of fans in the bleachers. Here are the top takeaways from Sunday's practice.

Cade Otton

Cade Otton put on a show. Flipping through my notebook, I saw the name "Otton" at least a dozen times in my scribbled notes. From hauling in an over-the-shoulder pass from Tom Brady in the left corner of the end zone and leaping up on a seam route to make a catch to another reception on the first snap of the live goal-line period off a Brady play-action pass, Otton wowed. The rookie has gained the trust of Brady, becoming his go-to target on Sunday. With the absence of Cameron Brate (veteran day), Chris Godwin during the team period (still recovering from ACL and MCL tear) and Mike Evans (tweaked hamstring), Otton received additional reps split out wide and in the slot. He took advantage. Additionally, Otton has made several key chips as an extension of the offensive line, clearing the pocket. He has made an impression as a two-way player, serving as a prototypical 'Y.' At Washington, Otton primarily served as an in-line blocker with his hand on the ground in John Donovan's pro-style scheme but showcased his natural pass-catching ability outside of his frame. He is willing to do the dirty work in the trenches and poses an upside as a pass-catcher, finishing at the catch-point. As a disciplined and balanced route-runner, Otton has the potential to elevate two tight end sets. Regarding pass protection, Otton described "every detail matters; first step, second step, third step, hand placement. Every single play you have to be your best. It's locking in every single play and getting the details to where they are habits to where you are able to cover your guy up and dominate." As training camp continues, Otton will be a player to keep an eye on.

Rachaad White

Rachaad White scored twice during the live goal-line period, engendering attention from coaches. Throughout camp, White has displayed the ability to avoid traffic and quickly bounce runs outside with quick acceleration post-cut. At Arizona State, he consistently out-leveraged defenders in pursuit with decision-making that forced missed tackles. In the journey to becoming a triple threat in the NFL, the biggest jump is in pass protection. White is on the right track with his willingness to block. "He's going to be a good football player," Goodwin stated. "He can protect the quarterback, he can run the ball, he can find the smallest creases to get into. He's smart, he pays attention to detail, so I look forward to seeing what he can do once we get to real ball…He's doing good. He asks questions every day of either myself, [Offensive Line Coach] Joe [Gilbert], sometimes [Senior Offensive Assistant] Coach Rick Christophel. Whoever is back there, he's asking questions all the time. He's a guy that's willing and able to learn. He wants to be great, and his future is going to be very bright." White's cerebral approach to the game will likely translate to production on the field. With his pass-catching prowess, White could add a new wrinkle to Byron Leftwich's offense.

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