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Transcript: Cadillac Williams

Auburn RB Cadillac Williams discusses his talents and how they will fit into the Buccaneers’ offense


RB Carnell Williams impressed Buccaneers coaches at the Senior Bowl

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Auburn RB Carnell "Cadillac" Williams with the fifth overall pick of the 2005 NFL Draft. Shortly after learning of his NFL home, Williams conducted a conference call with the Bay area media. Below is a full transcript of that interview.

On if he expected to be selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: "To be honest with you, I was thinking I was going to go to Tampa, because we had such a great relationship when I was at the Senior Bowl. So I expected to go (to Tampa Bay), but at the same time, I didn't know. But Coach Gruden, his staff and myself, got along well down at the Senior Bowl."

On his size: "I wouldn't say I'm a small man, but I'm definitely playing with a big heart. I'm passionate about the game of football. I'm going to do whatever it takes to win. If that means running guys over, or making guys miss, that's what it is."

On when he got the first impressions that the Buccaneers were going to select him: "I got a slight feeling at the Senior Bowl. When we were at the combine, and I was about to run the 40 (yard dash), Coach Gruden came over to the gate, and said, 'I'll be calling you in a couple of weeks.' And I was like, 'Alright coach, I'll be waiting for that phone call.' That's when I got the feeling there was a real good possibility that I was going to be a Buccaneer."

On if he is looking forward to possibly becoming the first Buccaneer to return a kickoff for a touchdown: "No doubt. That is definitely a challenge I'm looking forward to. Like I said, I'll do kickoff return, punt returns. I'm looking forward to making history."

On the exchange he and Coach Gruden had at the Senior Bowl: "Coach Gruden came up to me and said, 'Hey, Cadillac, I'm sorry, but you're not going to be able to play.' I said, 'What, coach?' And he said, 'You will play the first two snaps.' I was like, 'No, Coach Gruden. I came down here to play.' As the game was going on, I was like, 'Coach Gruden, stick me out there.' But he didn't do it."

On how he got his nickname: "In my junior year of high school (a sports reporter) said that I ran smooth like a Cadillac. And that has been the name that I've been stuck with."

On what he brings to the table: "I would have to say my elusiveness, my ability to make people miss. I look at myself as the total package though."

On if he was invited to New York: "To be honest, I wasn't invited to New York. At first, I was disappointed, because I felt like I was one of the top guys in the country. But then, as time went on, I was able to be with all of my family and friends. I did (feel a little slighted by the National Football League). I saw my fellow teammate Ronnie (Brown) and Braylon (Edwards), and some of those guys doing the New York thing, and I was thinking that I would've like to be up there."

On why he wasn't invited to New York: "I don't know. Once I found out I wasn't invited, I'm not the one to ask questions or complain. Once I found out, I just took it and ran with it. I wasn't going to call the league office and come up with a big complaint. For some reason, they fell like I shouldn't be there, I guess."

On how much he likes his nickname: "I don't try to (be like a Cadillac). I am Carnell Williams, but the nickname Cadillac, is a great nickname, and it's one I've grown to love. Now I'm looking to go into the NFL and keep this Cadillac rolling."

On if he's anticipating a Cadillac endorsement: "That's definitely in the wood work. I'm definitely looking to do something with Cadillac."

On how familiar he is with the Buccaneers offense: "To be honest, they threw a lot on us in the Senior Bowl. But Coach Gruden said that's not even much of their playbook. I know I'm going to have to study the playbook early, because once training camp hits, I'm looking to know what I have to do and where I have to go."

On how much of an impact he can have as a rookie: "I feel like I can make a big impact because I'm not a one-dimensional back. You can split me out wide, you can run me inside or outside. I can bang with the big boys, therefore I think I'm going to do well in the backfield."

On if being drafted is the biggest thing to happen in Attalla, Alabama: "No doubt. I really believe that this is one of the biggest things to happen in this town. Everybody is so excited for me, coming out of a small town like this. There's a big celebration going on. We cooked for about 100 people."

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