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Where to look in 2001 Buccaneers Draft Central for the information you’re seeking


This weekend, will give you unprecedented access to such key draft figures as Rich McKay and Tony Dungy

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' War Room is located at the back of the south end of One Buccaneer Place, adjacent to the team's weight room. It is currently in major lockdown. Rich McKay, Tony Dungy and the Buccaneer decision makers will conduct the team's 2001 draft from inside this secretive room. is about 15 feet away. And that means you'll stay as close to the action.

If you're here in Draft Central, that probably indicates you're paying close attention to the team's weekend efforts. Allow us to direct your attention to the information you're seeking.

· Soon, this space will carry details of the Buccaneers' draft picks ... they have 10 selections heading into the weekend and will probably spend one of them in the first three hours of Saturday's proceedings. After each Tampa Bay selection, our main news area will provide a wrapup of the player chosen, including biographical information, stats, photos and the team's thoughts on their newest acquisitions. · To the left of the screen, you will find a constantly updated account of the entire league's draft. At all times during the two days of the draft, the round currently in progress will be displayed in a brief format in this leftmost column. To see more detailed information of the current round or any proceeding round, or to find out where teams pick in each round, click on the numbers above the current listing. You can also compare the actual results to the efforts of our common-fan surrogate general managers earlier this week by clicking on Mock Draft results.

· To your right, near mid-screen, you'll find the weekend's video collection. Each live video link will appear in this box before the broadcast. Shortly thereafter, a taped version of the interview will be posted.

· Below that, please look for the Draft fan poll, which will be updated frequently. Share your thoughts on the Bucs' drafting acumen by offering your feedback on each pick.

· At the top of the righthand column, you'll find links for Buccaneer draft history, previous stories posted in Draft Central and interesting links to be found on

Again, welcome to 2001 Buccaneers Draft Central. Please feel free to have an extensive look around. In fact, you can stay with us here all weekend.

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