Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winston Relentless in Efforts to Improve

The rookie quarterback is more than motivated heading into his second professional game.

View photos of rookie quarterback Jameis Winston in the week leading up to, and during, his first regular season NFL game.

Following the Bucs' loss to the Tennessee Titans in Week 1 of the regular season, Jameis Winston stayed up late into the night watching the day's game film. Just a few hours later, at 6:30, he was in the Buccaneers' facility preparing for the team's Week 2 game against the Saints.

"I stayed up [until] probably about 2 o'clock," Winston said, "just trying to see what went wrong. I was trying to get every excuse just to put that one behind me – it hurt. But at the end of the day, the sun did rise again the next day and I was back out there playing football."

Winston described the Bucs' regular season as a boxing match, saying that even if you lose the first round, or first game, you've got to jump back in the ring and keep fighting. 

"I don't like failure," Winston said. "So, definitely, that was probably my main [motivation] was watching film that night. I need to watch this to see what happened. Like I always say, you put it behind you. You only can get better from there."

In addition to rebounding from a loss, Winston has some added motivation for this weekend's game. His grandmother, who he's very close with, will be in attendance for the Bucs' game against the Saints. She had been unable to attend any of his games at Florida State and hasn't seen her grandson play since high school.

The stage is set for a breakout performance. In Week 1, New Orleans struggled against the pass, surrendering 307 yards to Carson Palmer and the Cardinals. Pro Football Focus graded the Saints' pass coverage near the bottom of the league at No. 25. Part of the team's struggles have been caused by injury; Bucs Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter expects four or five of the Saints' defensive backs to be sidelined on Sunday.

But New Orleans' injury issues aren't on Winston's mind. Rather, he's locked into making sure he and the Bucs are an improved team in Week 2.

"My main goal is to make it to the next day," Winston said. "As long as we live to fight another day, to keep competing, I'll never give up. I have great teammates here, I had great teammates at Florida State, so what we're going to do is keep competing and keep getting better. It's going to change."

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