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Winston Striving to Rebound Against Rams

Jameis Winston has built a reputation for being able to rebound from tough outings. After throwing four interceptions against the Cardinals, he hopes to do just that when the Rams come to town.

By all accounts, Sunday's performance against the Cardinals wasn't Jameis Winston's best. Winston completed 27 of 52 passes for 243 yards with one touchdown and four interceptions as the Bucs fell, 40-7.

Throughout his career, Winston has built a reputation for being resilient and bouncing back from rough performances. The last time he threw four interceptions in a game – the Bucs' 2015 Week 4 matchup against the Panthers – he would complete the next four games without a single pick. He also led several impressive comebacks in college.

As the Buccaneers are set to host the Rams for their home opener, Winston hopes to replicate the success he's had in the past.

"I don't think a mistake will ever eat at me just because of my confidence," Winston said. "It's just my mentality that if I fall I'm going to get back up. I'm not going to just sit down and harp on it.

"Perseverance is one of my big things. I just want to keep persevering and get us a win."

Winston has adopted a mantra – "snap and clear." The idea behind it, Winston said, was to totally remove the previous play from his memory, whether it was a touchdown, interception or anything in between. He then shifts his focus solely to the next play, or in this case, the next game.

"That phrase I actually learned from (Quarterbacks) Coach (Mike) Bajakian," Winston said. "It's just a simple phrase and it goes with positive plays and negative plays. You have one play and move on to the next play.

"I've already snapped (last game) and now I'm just clear of it. Now I'm looking forward to this game and starting off at Raymond James (Stadium) and getting us a win."

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As of Wednesday, the Bucs' Week 2 loss was a distant memory for Winston. He is determined to improve each game he steps on the field and knows that if he can get a little bit better each and every Sunday, the Buccaneers will win a lot of football games this season.

"This is a week-to-week league and my job, as a teammate to our guys, is to put us in the situation to win," Winston said. "Last week I did not do that. My job, my individual goal, is to get better every week so I know if I'm getting better, I should play better."

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