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Chris Godwin's Routine Meditation Fosters Production and Mental Fortitude in Year Seven | Brianna's Blitz 

In Year Seven, Chris Godwin opened up about his route visualization and attention to detail pregame. His routine has spurred consistency between the hashes


Throughout his career, Bucs' wide receiver Chris Godwin has been the model of consistency. With RAC-prowess, Godwin is a contested catch phenom with elite body control. He is adept at exploiting the middle of the field on crossers, slants and curls/hitches, while also working the sideline on out-breaking routes. His high-effort and ability to fight through contact sets him apart.

In his seventh season, Godwin is one-of-three receivers with 50-or-more targets in 2023 to have not recorded a drop. Through Week 11, Godwin is tied with Panthers' Adam Thielen for the best hands grade in the NFL (90.5) per PFF metrics. Godwin ranks 12th in the NFL with an average of 74.8 receiving yards per game since 2019. Even when he is blanketed by a defensive back, Godwin finds a way to create enough separation to box out the defender. His success on the field is a product of visualization tactics used to block out external noise and attention to detail.

"He's got natural ball skills, but I think if you guys have seen him before games, he does a lot of meditation, a lot of visualization," said Offensive Coordinator Dave Canales. "He actually walks down the field through his different routes that he has in the game plan. There's some great science behind that, behind the visualization part and the visceral reaction you actually get if you can use your mind to be able to put yourself there. I think all of that stuff really pays dividends – especially in critical moments. He's done a fantastic job."

Before games, Godwin walks routes on the field to stay centered and focused on the task at hand. Life and adversity can cloud the mind, but Godwin makes a concerted effort to foster mental fortitude by blocking out distractions. He instead focuses on the hash marks and nuances of his routes. Walking through the routine has translated to production when the lights come on. Godwin has become a go-to target for Baker Mayfield on third down and Godwin's timely plays have helped sustain drives. His 15 first down receptions on third down ranks among the top five in the league.

"Whether it's getting on the JUGS [machine] or just seeing the ball, I feel like there's a lot more that goes into catching than people realize," noted Godwin. "I feel like most people just think it's like a hands thing, right? But a lot of it has to do with your eyes, as well. If you are either undisciplined or you get too [relaxed] with your eyes and looking the ball in, or you think that you have it and you go to make a move before you have it, there are plenty of ways that guys can drop passes. It's happened to me in the past. So far this year, I've done a pretty good job of it. It's not something that you can just put by the wayside, you have to continuously focus on it and be locked in, because you can see in some of the biggest moments, it can happen to anybody. I'm grateful for where I'm at right now, but I feel like I have a lot of work to do."

Godwin only has one touchdown in 2023 but he plays an integral role in the Bucs' offense and moves the chains to get the club inside of the red zone. He has totaled 50 receptions for 561 yards and is averaging 11.2 yards after the catch. With physicality on the field, Godwin continues to be an offensive impetus for Tampa Bay.

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