Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Social Rewind: Buccaneers vs. Falcons

The Bucs traveled to Atlanta to take on a one-loss divisional opponent on Sunday. After taking an early lead, the Bucs had to hold off a fighting Falcons team in overtime to pull off the victory on the road.

Let's take a look at how the game played out on social media. Here's the inactives for the game:

A little glimpse into the pregame warmups…

GAMETIME! Atlanta got the ball to start and had a 14 play drive, but the Bucs D held in the red zone to force a field goal.

Bucs moved down the field but had to punt.

Kwon Alexander, who already had an almost-interception called back on a penalty, got a real turnover by stripping Falcons WR Julio Jones.

Tie game now and the Bucs were back on defense, and we moved into the second quarter.

The Falcons dove down into the redzone, and then Jacquies Smith capitalized on a Falcon mistake… Tampa Bay ball!

Falcons with the ball…

I mean, you can't stop the Kwon.

Bucs made it 13 unanswered point off of Falcons' turnovers.

Bucs started the second half up 13-3.

After a nice punt return the Falcons started at midfield and drove… but then this:

And then this…

Falcons responded with a touchdown.

Approaching the fourth quarter…

Bucs D back on the field.

Bucs were trying to wear down the clock with the lead, but Falcons got the ball and score.

Here we go to overtime…

Falcons have the ball.


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