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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2020 Training Camp Takeaways: Day 2

The Buccaneers continued Phase II of training camp on Thursday marking the second day of the ramp-up period and another day closer to the pads coming on.


The Buccaneers took the field for Day Two of Phase II of training camp on Thursday. The majority of the day is still spent working with position groups before breaking out into select all-offense or all-defense drills.

Though no contact is allowed, there is still plenty to do in installing plays and packages. Each practice marks an opportunity to provide a practical aspect to learning the playbook, so from that sense, guys are finally getting the valuable live reps they need to prepare for the season.

Pads come on August 17 and the team will be allowed a total of 14 practices in full gear before Week One.

View some of the photos from Buccaneers Training Camp practice at the AdventHealth Training Center.

While we bide the time for more meaningful football to ramp up, here are some takeaways of from Thursday.

  • Tight ends worked on their blocking skills today with the offensive tackles. The drill, headed up by Offensive Line Coach Joe Gilbert, consisted of the tackle and tight end coordinating their efforts toward two 'defenders,' which were their fellow offensive linemen armed with bags.
  • My personal favorite quarterback drill is back. It involves releasing (read: hurling) giant workout balls toward the quarterback as he's looking 'downfield' to throw. The purpose is to help him avoid pressure while keeping his eyes downfield for the open throw. I don't know why I think it's so entertaining but I do and these are my takeaways.
  • Every so often you'll hear a bunch of guys yelling and laughing and almost every time it's the receivers. These guys are having so much fun.
  • Speaking of the receivers, they were getting pestered today by their coaches in a drill that simulated contact using foam bags, presumably to work on gaining yards after the catch and shaking off defenders.
  • Running back LeSean McCoy took a swing pass from quarterback Tom Brady and made it look easy.
  • What's been very noticeable about the running back group is the way they finish their plays. Though there's no one chasing them down or blocking their path with any real effort during this no-contact period, they insist on taking the ball all the way down the field anyway. It's an effort thing and you love to see it.

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