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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Q&A: Bucs' New Helmet and Marks

After introducing a fresh new look on April 7, the Buccaneers answer a number of questions about the helmets, colors, logos and wordmarks of the updated uniforms

The Buccaneers' new helmet for the 2020 season
The Buccaneers' new helmet for the 2020 season

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled a new set of uniforms, colors and marks on April 7 to the ringing approval of the team's fanbase. The team provided multiple photo galleries for fans to see the all-new (and yet familiar) ensembles from every angle and in every combination

The new uniforms also incorporate some of the elements of what the Buccaneers wore from 2014 through last season. Of course, with so many elements both classic and new to digest, fans of the team have a few questions.

What if any changes have been made to the helmet?

The pewter shell of the helmet is unchanged but the facemask is now a more menacing black, as it was from 1997-2013. The flag logo with the skull and crossed swords is the sharper, more detailed one used with the most recent uniforms, but it features the deeper, richer red of the Super Bowl era. However, the size of the logo has been reduced by approximately 10% from the previous helmet so the sword is visible at all times

Is the flag logo positioned the same on all varieties of helmets?

Yes, the logo will be the same size and be on the same place on all varieties of helmets that the players choose.

Do the images in the photo gallery of the new uniforms depict the helmet logos as they will be?

The photos of the Lavonte David, Chris Godwin and Devin White modeling the new uniforms was taken before a helmet with the reduced-size logo was created, so they do not depict how the logo will look on the helmet in 2020. However, this photo gallery also includes a picture of the helmet with the logo at its correct new size.

Speaking of the darker, richer red, how do the colors of the new uniforms differ from those of the last two?

The Super Bowl-era red has been paired with the pewter from the most recent uniforms. The team did explore bringing back the historic pewter hue, too, but found it impossible to recreate the color correctly on the completely different textiles used by Nike in today's uniforms. The orange used as an accent in several places on the uniform is the same as was used between 1997-2013. Black has also been restored as an accent color throughout the uniform, as was the case with the classic design.

How does the design and usage of the secondary ship logo differ from the previous uniforms?

The Buccaneers are going back to featuring the black ship logo on both sleeves of their white and red jerseys, as was the style of the uniforms from 1997-2013. The most recent uniforms featured a ship on one sleeve and a "BUCS" wordmark on the other. The Color Rush pewter jerseys will feature red ship logos on both shoulders. When new uniforms were introduced in 2014 the team also revealed a refreshed ship logo with sharper lines and more details in the sails. That design has been retained, although there was one minor change as the mast of the back set of sails is now behind the sails rather than in front of them.

What are the specifics about the "BUCCANEERS" wordmark on the front of the jersey?

The BUCCANEERS wordmark will continue to use the new font that was created in 2014. However, the colors of all versions of the mark have been changed to match the new red and pewter combination. For printed material, the "Tampa Bay" above "Buccaneers" will now be pewter on red and black backgrounds and black on white and silver backgrounds. The logomark with just the word "Buccaneers" will once again be featured on the front of the jerseys, above the numbers, as it was during the Super Bowl era, though it will be a larger size than it was from 1997-2013. The wordmark will be black on the white and red jerseys and red on the pewter jerseys. The pewter jerseys feature all red accents, without any black other than the ship logos on the sleeves.

Why didn't the Buccaneers return to their "creamsicle" orange and white uniforms?

The majority of fan feedback indicated a preference for the Super Bowl-era uniforms, but there was some support for the original colors as well. The Buccaneers do want to include that uniform among their options to use in "throwback games," as they did from 2009-11. However, it is currently out of the teams' control due to a league rule regarding the use of just one set of helmets per season. The Buccaneers and several other teams are working with the league to change this rule and to get a fourth "throwback" option approved as soon as possible.

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