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Week 5 FanDuel Fantasy Football Highlights

Here are some of the highlights from FanDuel lineups this past week.


If you can hardly believe it's the end of Week 5, you're not alone. The time is flying by, but that's not the only unbelievable Week 5 scenario. The Top performers for Week 5 will not only surprise you, but make you think twice on who you will want in your lineup heading into Week 6.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers posses the top performing running back for FanDuel in Week 5. Doug Martin had 24 carries for 123 yards and three touchdowns Sunday against Jacksonville. Martin had been rather quiet heading into this game, and to say he made some noise against the Jaguars is an understatement. This season in five games he only has four touchdowns, but when the Bucs come back from their bye this week, he's someone you can count on for your lineup especially because I anticipate him being in the affordable range. He finished Week 5 with 35.3 FanDuel points and only set you back $6,400.

Josh McCown of the Cleveland Browns also had a stellar performance against the Baltimore Ravens in that overtime game Sunday. The quarterback tallied 35.48 FDP and only cost $6,700 which is ridiculously cheap for a quarterback. He was 1.1% owned which could be a shot to the ego, but McCown put those questions to rest when he completed 36-of-51 passes for 457 yards. He accumulated three total touchdowns Sunday. He is going up against a strong Broncos defense in Week 6, so I'm not high on him to be a first option. Even with that awesome performance against the Ravens, McCown was only bumped up to 19.2 FanDuel points per game which is under the legal drinking age.

Devonta Freeman is above the legal limit, and if you don't add him to your lineup, it should definitely be a crime. The Atlanta running back continues to perform better and better as the weeks go by; and that shows in how much he has moved up in pricing. In Week 3 he was worth $6,500 and for lineups he tallied 39.8 FDP. Whoever told you they could see that happening is lying to you and you need to reevaluate some friendships. Week 5 his value shot through the roof at $7,600, but he was worth every penny. Freeman is now worth $8,000 on FanDuel, and still worth it. Even while he is listed as "questionable," with a toe issue, this was the same news in Week 3, and I don't need to remind you how well he did. Freeman is standing at 24.9 FPPG and is more expensive than some big name quarterbacks, which is awesome news for him.

While the running backs continue to tear it up, the question on whether or not a kicker is important for your FanDuel lineup is still a silly one. Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens has been one of the top and most consistent kickers not in just 2015, but since he set foot on the field in 2012. This season he has an 84.6% field goal percentage and if you lack confidence in kickers you won't when you add him to your lineups. He sits at $4,800, averaging 10.4 points per game which is just enough to give your lineup the edge.

The New England Patriots have the top kicker in the league. No surprise here. Stephen Gostkowski made all three of his three field goal attempts in the win against the Cowboys. He's sitting at a 100% in field goals. As he should, he's a kicker who is being paid $17.2 million dollars. He's averaging 13.8 FPPG and will cost you $5,100. If you can afford him by the time you need to choose a kicker, he's always a yes.

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