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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What the Bucs Are Saying: August 10

Read key quotes and watch today's press conferences following coach and player media availability.



(On what happened to OL Robert Hainsey)

"I was on the defensive side of the ball, so I have to go inside to find out what happened."

(On what he knows about WR Russell Gage's injury)

"Same thing, nothing yet."

(On today's tone)

"I thought it was good work on both sides of the ball. We competed for the most part and it was clean – got chippy at the end, have to make sure we control that tomorrow, but it was good work on both sides. Got to look at the film, [but] we've got a lot of good things done against different people, different blocking schemes, both sides of the ball, different coverages, different route running, so it was good for us because we normally go up against big receivers on defense and our offense goes against their blitzing scheme, so it's good to get a different approach."

(On his assessment of coverage)

"Again, we'll look at the film. I don't think we had a lot of mental errors like we had during the week at practice. I thought everyone was locked in pretty good. Technique can always get better, but I thought we got some good work done."

(On the depth at center)

"I'm going to wait until I get some results back before I start worrying, so I'll look at it when I get inside."

(On the physicality of tomorrow's practice)

"It should be much like today."

(On how the Buccaneers corners held up against the Dolphins' receivers)

"I was happy with 1-on-1 – I thought we challenged pretty well. They've got two great receivers over there and I thought we held up well with the competition, so they're making strides."

(On taking this group of receivers over any defense)

"I still will. Obviously, I'll take ours over anybody and I'm sure every coach will say that about their team – it's nothing new. We like our guys [and] the way they work one through however many we have. They all work very well, [they're] pretty smart and very intuitive, so I'll take them."

(On noticing the differences in today's practice going against another team)

"Not until I see the film. In particular, they played together – the communication was loud, there was a lot of talking on the field which we were trying to get accomplished – that was the plus side of it."

(On the Miami Dolphins' offense)

"We know they have a heck of a running game – we knew that from San Francisco. Mike [McDaniels is] a heck of a running game coordinator and they can put things together. We know they have a lot of speed outside and nobody's really showing anything. From a work standpoint, it was good to get the work against a different offense. We see different blocking, they have different runs than what we see in practice, so the work was great. I don't think they showed us everything, nor did we show them everything."

(On having another team here to break up the monotony of training camp)

"It breaks camp up. After a while you get to know each other's plays and cheat some things as opposed to playing it honest. Just seeing a different color jersey gets you through the rest of training camp as opposed to going against the same guys every day."

(On hard hits)

"Oh, we're trying to avoid those. We'll look at the tape and asses it, but we don't want that in practice. We definitely don't want it."

(On the defense's performance today)

"We just talked about communication, you know, understanding situational football, down and distance, how we want to play certain things, how we want to call certain things. I thought we started out doing a good job of that."

(On CB Carlton Davis' performance going up against talented Dolphins receivers)

"I thought Carlton [Davis] looked very good. Carlton's sharp, he's in shape, and the guy beat him two years ago, obviously he was younger, it's two years later. Tyreek [Hill] has gotten better, Carlton's gotten better – I think they're making each other better. It was good competition on both sides."


(On his initial thoughts of the first joint practice with the Dolphins and facing different competition)

"It was fun. Get a chance to go against a different team, get a chance to face a different type of caliber players and just getting a chance to compete against someone other than your own teammates. It was fun out there, it was a solid day today, you can always be better. We got another day tomorrow so it should be fun as well."

(On seeing a different team)

"Going against another team you get a chance to see different offensive styles. Gives you a chance to put your keys to work. Taking stuff that you learned in the film room and putting it on the field and stuff like that. You can't really guess, you can't anticipate, you've just got to let the football play out. Just use your rules and let it play out from there. That's definitely that we saw today, we got a lot of different looks from them – a lot of boots, play actions, and stuff like that. It definitely was a chance for us to – a lot of things we can learn from."

(On what he has seen so far from LB K.J. Britt)

"Each day man K.J. gets better and better. We always talk about don't make the same mistake twice and that's something he's definitely taken to heart. Once he makes a mistake, he learns from it, and he won't make that mistake again. That's something that you want to see from a young guy. As you know, anything can happen – with me, when I got hurt then 'Mint' (Kevin Minter) had to step up. Unfortunate situations happen in this game – guys get injured, and K.J. Britt is someone we need to count on to come in and plug and play and just pick up the slack. I'm definitely proud of his progression. He's been reaching out, asking questions, asking the right questions and taking the studying to heart. He's been in coach (Larry) Foote's hip pocket and he's definitely taking the right steps forward for us."

(On if anyone else has impressed him so far in training camp)

"Jamel Dean has had a solid camp, Will Gholston, obviously. Joe Tryon-Shoyinka -- he's a guy that has some big shoes to fill coming in for J.P.P. (Jason Pierre-Paul). And then Carlton (Davis III), he's picking it up, he's been really good – having a solid camp. Obviously, Devin (White). Devin is learning from a different aspect of the game now as well. I'm just proud of a lot of guys. Just the way they approach the film room, how they've been asking questions and how they've been real professional. Mike Edwards -- this is his time to shine, so he is stepping up into a big role. (Antoine) Winfield has to play nickel sometimes, he's basically learning two positions and is doing a great job at it. A lot of guys are just taking on just being the ultimate professionals and I love to see it."

(On OLB Joe Tryon-Shoyinka's improvement from last season)

"Some stuff last year coming in as a rookie, some easy stuff he used to mess up on – blow assignments and stuff like that, -- this year it's like clockwork for him. He knows his assignments, he gets the job done and he's even communicating as an outside linebacker and [laughs] you don't see that often. It's definitely a confidence booster for us and for him as well."


(On going against Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill)

"He's a different kind of receiver all around. He brings something to the game that no other receiver does, so to be able to go up against him in practice, especially early on in camp, just helps you fine-tune your skills and your technique. It was pretty good today. I'm excited to go back up against him tomorrow, him and [Jaylen] Waddle. They're just two fast, twitchy guys that you've just got to love and embrace going up against them. Like I said, there's no other receivers in the league that can do what they do."

(On breaking up the pass on the first rep of one-on-ones)

"I guess that is a good tone-setter, just starting it off fresh, because usually you've got to get into it. You're a little cold coming off, just starting practice, but I was ready. I've been up against him a couple of times in the past so I kind of know a little bit about his release packages and what he brings to the table. But at the end of the day, it's about competing. It's about you wanting to win, and I got the best of him on that rep."

(On if he has flashbacks of playing against Hill in two games in 2020)

"Yeah, yeah. That's something that's going to stick with you. Just having an off game, and then coming back and playing a great game in the Super Bowl, that's something that's going to always be a part of my memory, just because it was a pivotal moment in the season both times for us. Going up against him today was a good flashback. It was fun to get out there and just face him. Let's do it again. As a corner, I feel like you've got to have that mentality, to always want work, to always want to go up against whoever puts you to the test. Whoever's out there. So, it was fun."

(On if there was smack talk between him and Hill)

"No, we were keeping it cordial today, keeping it real cordial. Nice practice etiquette. Gotta see him again tomorrow, so anything you say today you've got to live up to it tomorrow. But it's fun, it's all love out there. We're just out here competing, trying to get better. We don't play them [in the 2022 regular season], so there's no real beef. If it was a team that we had on the schedule it might be a little different. But, no, we're cool."

(On if the Buccaneers secondary is continuing to evolve)

"Yeah, we're doing the thing. We're doing it. We are ready. Going up against our offense every day, we look good, but you can never really measure yourself too much because we're going against the same guys every day. It gets repetitive. So going up against new competition and being able to still perform and have that chemistry, it just shows how far your guys are with the chemistry and just getting into our season form. I would say we looked good today. You've still got to check the film because you can feel like you had a good day at practice and then check the film and it's like, 'Oh, god. I missed so many calls.' So we'll check the film and make sure that it was a good day of practice. But I feel like as a group we've taken a step. We've taken a step every year since I've been here, taken a step every year and I feel like this year we're going to be possibly the best back end. I said that. I said that."

(On the specifics of his interception in practice)

"It was a dig route, and when I play off, that's one of the routes you should not run on me because I'm just good at playing it. I just broke on it, [saw] the ball. I didn't see it on film so I can't tell you blow by blow, but I just made a play on the ball – [saw] it coming and got my hands on it."


(On facing a different team)

"It felt great – competing against someone else. You get tired of going against each other each and every day. We came out, played fast, executed. I think we did the things we wanted to do and were supposed to do. We felt great about the day."

(On the amount of trust QB Tom Brady has in him)

"That bond we built when I first got here, and it started after practice, him wanting to see me run a couple routes. I think that's how you get the trust, and the playoffs came, I made a lot of big-time catches in a lot of big-time moments for him and for the team. I think the trust just got better and better. Even last year prior to the season, going out there – I don't know, it's nothing we practiced, but you kind of have that feel of what you expect from each other."

(On who has impressed him so far in training camp)

"Julio (Jones)…definitely. You see a guy of his stature, how big and fast he runs and how he gets open and you see why he is where he is at in the league. I see it every day up front, and he is one of those guys."

(On taking on the mentoring role for RB Rachaad White)

"I mean yeah, because I had guys like Chris Ivory, T.J. Yeldon who did it for me and that's just how it is – and 'Shady' (LeSean McCoy) did it for me too. It's only right you pass the torch down to the young guys in the game, because unfortunately our window is closing year-by-year, day-by-day so I mean, why not?... I guess he kind of thought I was mad at him because what he said because he wanted to start – which is supposed to be your mindset too. But my job is, and how I am, is to help him. I help him each and every way, and I invite all the running backs to my house if they need massages [or] whatever come to my crib, and I will take care of you all. I think that's more of the little brother, big brother relationship we've got going on. I want to see him succeed, I want the best for him, and I think it's going to come for him."

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