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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Five Things to Know About Bucs Second Round Pick Luke Goedeke

Get to know the Bucs’ 57th overall pick of the 2022 NFL Draft. 


1.   He grew up in Wisconsin but loved Tom Brady.

As Goedeke's geographical location would dictate – growing up in Whitelaw (40 miles south of Green Bay) – he was forced into being a Packers' fan. However, he wanted to make his intentions clear on Day Two of the 2022 NFL Draft. "I was always more of a New England Patriots fan because of Tom." Now, he will have the opportunity to protect the ageless, quarterback wonder in Tampa Bay.

2.   He bet on himself.

To many diehard NFL fans, this may seem obvious for an athlete. Luke Goedeke is an aberration. He refused to give up on his dream and is now celebrating his perseverance. As a no-star recruit out of high school, he went without serious attention from Division I programs. Goedeke then enrolled at UW-Stevens Point with a focus on academics but felt the desire to play football again. He walked on the football team in 2017, becoming the starting tight end. Goedeke made a tape of himself and sent the film to Central Michigan, where he became a two-year starter on the offensive line.

View pictures of Central Michigan OL Luke Goedeke, who Tampa Bay selected in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

3.   He transitioned from tight end.

During the 2018 season at Central Michigan, Goedeke redshirted and sat out the season as a transfer. While sidelined, he made the transition from tight end to the offensive line. He described undergoing "drills religiously" to acclimate to the new role in the trenches and change his footwork. His play strength is in the run game, controlling blockers with his hands and generating power from his lower body.

4.   He underwent a body evolution.

In addition to the mental part of transitioning to the O-Line, Goedeke had to gain weight. The self-starter added 100 pounds since high school to propel himself forward to the NFL's doorstep. At 312 pounds, he remains balanced through contact/centered in blocks. His determination to succeed will serve him well at the pro level.

5.   He has a "nasty" mentality.

His self-initiated nickname, the "glass-eater" tells the story. With an obvious bold personality over Zoom, Goedeke described to local media that he is looking to "bury" the opposition on Sundays. His goal? To put fear into an opponent's eyes. When he steps foot onto the gridiron, the switch is turned, and "nastiness" ensues at the line of scrimmage.

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