Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Head Coach Bruce Arians Media Availability - Monday, November 11, 2019

*Head Coach Bruce Arians                              *

(Opening statement)

"[There is] not a lot different. I thought the last five minutes of the last five games came the other way. This time, it went our way. We made the plays. Jamel Dean [received the] game ball. [He] studied an extra hour every day last week with Todd [Bowles] to get ready. He knew that play was coming [and] made the play. Jameis [Winston], two weeks in a row now has taken us the length of the field to win or tie a ball game and that's the growth you're looking for. [We were] not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. We got lucky – the Tampa sunshine helped us a little bit. We let a guy go on [fourth-and-1], and the sun got in his eyes and he dropped it. [It's] about time we got a break."

(On the two-minute offense having success in the last two games)

"We've been outstanding at half all year. Last week, with 40 seconds – this week, with a minute. That touchdown was huge after we gave up one and to take that lead back before the half [was big]. To me, that's how you judge NFL quarterbacks – can they play in that situation? Forget the rest. Can they play in that? Right now, Jameis [Winston] – I don't know of anybody playing better in two-minute in the last three or four weeks."

(On what allows QB Jameis Winston to be successful in the two-minute offense)

"I think his confidence. Knowing what you're doing, first of all, trusting the guys around you [and] putting in the time to know what you're going to see. Is this team a blitz team, is it a Cover 2 – what do they do in two-minute? Are they a Tampa 2 team? So, have some preconceived notions of where this ball might go in two-minute. I think the running game really helped. We popped Peyton [Barber] out there and I can't say enough about Peyton in that fourth quarter. I thought he had a great fourth quarter. That touchdown run wasn't as easy as it looked, even though Vita [Vea] did knock down three guys. I actually watched Vita's high school running back tape today just in case – it's pretty impressive."

(On the Cardinals converting a fake punt in the fourth quarter)

"Well first of all, there's no such thing as pass interference in punt formation, so I don't know where that came from. But, they did make a heck of a play. When they moved, we should've checked out of a seven-man box. That's stuff we talk about. With our young guys, we have to physically do things on the practice field and [that is] something we'll correct."

(On the mentality of the defense to create two turnovers in the red zone after the offense turned the ball over)

"I can't say enough about our sudden-change defense – we were three out of four. I think Lavonte [David's] play turned the whole game. We turned it over [and] he takes it away. That's a play probably four guys can make in this league, and he's obviously one of them. Then, the second one when Jamel [Dean] makes that interception. I think when you turn it over and we take it back, [those are] huge confidence builders."

(On the offense making the game-winning play)

"I think last week and this week, our offense did what it took to win the game. We got to where we needed to in Seattle. I think had we won the coin toss, we'd have won the game, but we didn't. I'd just say with the growth of the offense, when you start averaging up in the high 20s in points, you're doing something right. Defensively, this is the first one where we've played a little bit better."

(On how important it was to get TE O.J. Howard more involved in the offense)

"I think it's huge. Did we purposely put him in? We had a couple plays – the thing on the goal line, we thought we'd get a good matchup. It wasn't actually what we looked for, but it was a great throw and catch. Jameis [Winston] saw it [and] liked what he saw. We knew they were going to play a lot of Cover 2 and he should own the middle of the field. He had some good seam balls [and] almost had another one – [he] had the shake route in there. So, yeah, I think it was more just the same stuff, just more opportunities to get it."

(On rotating safeties Mike Edwards and Andrew Adams)

"It's just a matter of we want to see them both. Mike is still growing from when he had his injuries and we like him. [Andrew is] a safe, solid player, so just give them both reps."

(On how they will handle the cornerbacks when CB Carlton Davis III returns from injury)

"It'll be fun – we'll have guys that we can put in there and maybe even rotate a little bit [and] maybe keep them fresher."

(On if it is someone's job to take the red flag away from him when he is out of challenges)

"Yeah, I kept it. It goes back about eight years. I saw Marvin Lewis throw it to stop a game. He was obviously on his knee. It was a timeout [and] I wanted to make a statement."

(On if he wanted to make a statement by throwing a challenge flag when he didn't have any challenges remaining)

"I knew I didn't have any."

(On if the statement was meant for the officiating crew)


(On if this was the same crew that he has had disagreements with in the past)


(On Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll challenging plays just to prove a point)

"Yeah, I still thought we should've won the pass interference on M.J. [Stewart]. We obviously didn't. But, when things are going in a game, there's only some certain ways to get the point across and it could've cost us losing a timeout, but it wasn't a penalty."

(On if he decided to do that so the officiating crew would have to talk to him)

"No, it's just when everybody sees it on the jumbotron, [I say], 'You guys watching this? Let's pick it up.'"

(On what ILB Lavonte David's leadership has meant to the young players)

"I don't know if you can quantitively put a value on it – it's so big. For a young guy to go to a guy and him – on the field, off the field, everywhere in life – help these kids out the way he does, the ultimate pro is the only way I can say it and he is the ultimate pro."

(On if the team needs players to sacrifice playing time like TE Cameron Brate)

"Yeah, there's no doubt about it. We had plays for him too that this time, it was O.J. [Howard's]. They've been Cam's in the past, especially in the red zone where he's so effective. But, yeah, I think that's part of being a team member."

(On if the offensive line made an adjustment after allowing two sacks in the first 10 plays)

"I think sometimes, watching film, you don't get a sense for a guy's power. I want to say we busted one of them. The offensive line has got a lot of pride and I was disappointed – in our running game, we had too many negative runs in the second half [with] guys penetrating gaps. We were running some outside zone, and even [in] our downhill stuff, we were using Josh Wells as a tight end and he got beat. So, that part was a little disappointing."

(On if he has made a decision on whether or not QB Jameis Winston should be the team's quarterback after this season)

"It's an ongoing process for me. The good, the bad, the ugly – you put it all together. Two-minute is huge when you can take your team at the end of the half and go get a touchdown in a minute [or the] end of a game. We didn't do it [against San Francisco], but now we've done it for a few weeks. You don't really want to get that situation in your first game. I see that growth. I see him throwing balls away. The guy made a really good play on the first pick. I think we could've run a better route, but that was where to go with the ball. Same thing with the second one. So, I just see growth. I see growth as a leader [and] I see growth as a quarterback."

(On if not taking sacks is a part of that growth)

"That's huge. It's a big part of it. Stay second-and-10, not second-and-18."