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Rachaad White: Natural "Feel" in Every Run Type 

New Offensive Coordinator Dave Canales dishes on Rachaad White’s natural ability in both wide and mid zone, bolstering the offense

White TC Wed

As a new NFL season sits on the horizon, optimism abounds. Training camp is in full swing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and pressure escalates as players undergo the acclimation to padded workouts in the Florida heat. 

Many storylines have sparked interest for Bucs enthusiasts during the offseason, including running back Rachaad White and the implementation of Dave Canales' offense. Tampa Bay's retooled offense will have more movement in 2023 from quarterback scrambles and bootlegs to misdirection and mid zone. 

In a mid zone scheme, the concept is similar to outside zone, where the offensive line moves laterally to reach defenders to open a seam for the running back to go through. The main contrast between the two is the tackle on the play side kicks out the edge defender in mid zone instead of reach blocking like they are responsible for in outside zone. The running back's primary read shifts to the B-gap, instead of the C-gap around the outside hip of the tackle. The goal is to get the rusher in space at a quicker rate to generate yards. 

White, the Bucs workhorse, is a complete package, possessing inside/outside versatility and effectiveness as both a pass protector on blitz pickups and as a pass-catcher out of the backfield. He can handle a three-down workload of carries and catches, with his development in-line. White is patient in letting his blocks develop and can stack cuts when navigating around linebackers. He has the burst getting north to excel on the edge and the physicality to handle dirty runs between the tackles. White's combination of vision, contact balance and athletic traits make him dangerous in a variety of schemes. 

"I am just waiting to see some live bullet play from him, but I mean he is just so natural," said Offensive Coordinator Dave Canales. "Everything he does, the run game, the pass game, pass protection, and routes. He is really a natural with both hands catching the ball. I think he is going to be fantastic. My part, and our part as a staff, is just making sure that we are able to take advantage of all that skill set that he brings…There really is not a run type that he has not shown to just kind of feel. He feels it really well. He does not restrict us in what we do in that regard."

White consistently maximizes his blocks and with a well-rounded skillset, he will assume a featured role in 2023. Last season, White accumulated 469 snaps (38.57%). He finished his rookie campaign with 481 yards on 129 rushes and a touchdown for an average of 3.7 yards per attempt. In the passing game, White contributed 290 yards on 50 receptions and two touchdowns. He can create on his own and is an underrated pass-catcher with fluidity on routes. Despite the stat sheet and scoreboard dictating the Bucs' offensive playbook last season with a pass-heavy script, White became a bright spot. This year, White continues to garner attention for his splash plays on the practice field. Donning No. 1, White will be a main fixture in Tampa Bay's reimagined offense, looking to set the tone on the gridiron come fall.

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