Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Head Coach Bruce Arians Media Availability - Wednesday, November 27, 2019

*Head Coach Bruce Arians                              *

(Opening statement)

"Not practicing today [were] Demar Dotson – not injury related, just a vet day – Anthony Nelson, Jason Pierre-Paul and M.J. Stewart. For us, it's all about obviously trying to stack two in a row, which we haven't been able to do all year. I love the way we went out there today and kind of forgot about last week already and started practicing hard for another great running back and a good solid defense with a hell of a pass rush. It will be a hell of a challenge."

(On what kind of setback it was when Jaguars DE Calais Campbell left the Cardinals)

"We had drafted his replacement already and a couple young guys. We knew that we probably weren't going to be able to afford him with our salary cap at that time."

(On how encouraging it was to see the offensive line not allow a sack on Sunday)

"Yeah, definitely. I think Jameis [Winston] did a good job of throwing some balls away and we did a great job of protection – tight ends included. So, yeah, it's got to carry over this week."

(On FOX Sports College Football Analyst Urban Meyer saying that at least 50 percent of interceptions are the receiver's responsibility)

"I think that's a little high. Maybe for a college quarterback. I think for us, it's probably 25 to 30 [percent]."

(On if the Jaguars reaching the AFC Championship in 2017 and then missing the playoffs last season is indicative of the cyclical nature of the NFL)

"It really is. They were there, within a quarter [of the Super Bowl], and you lose a player or two, some injuries happen, you switch quarterbacks and you're starting over. The chemistry is not the same. I don't call it chemistry – I call it accountability. You bring in new guys that might not fit the culture and it's a big change."

(On how important the final five games of the season are in terms of evaluating personnel)

"It's huge. Again, we are trying to take them one at a time and see if that adds up to being enough."

(On his confidence in the young secondary moving forward)

"Yeah, they've gotten better and better each week. Todd [Bowles] put a good plan together. We had the fewest mental errors we've ever had on defense [and] had great communication on the road. I would hope we could build off of that."

(On what he told QB Jameis Winston after his jump pass that got intercepted)

"'Don't ever do that again' [laughs]. No, it was, 'Let's go to the next play.'"

(On Winston moving past his mistakes quickly)

"He really [does]. The one thing about him is he is very resilient, and he can forget and go on – a lot of guys can't."

(On keeping his team motivated through the final five games of the year)

"Yeah, we're mathematically still in it, so everything we do is ahead of us. We come to work every day win, lose or draw. That's one thing I really like about this squad – they've bought into the grind and getting every day's work done that day."

(On the development of DL Vita Vea)

"Yeah, he's getting better and better. Kacy [Rodgers] has done a heck of a job with him. I think [Ndamukong] Suh has helped him some too. It's really hard to imagine how good he can be with his quickness and speed at that size."

(On how rare a player like Vea is)

"I just think back – we've always had a backup center or a backup guard who played tight end or something in high school, so he had good hands and you get all of the tape off of him when you're going in goal line. We've always used him as the fullback."

(On facing Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette)

"Again, he's kind of like Todd Gurley. He is a big, hard, one-cut guy that can take it to the house. Every game you turn on, there is a 40 or a 50-yard run. He is [a] leading receiver, so he is touching the ball a bunch and we've got to focus on him."