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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What the Bucs Are Saying: July 30

Read key quotes and watch today's press conferences following coach and player media availability.



(On how he assesses the first four days of training camp)

"The mental part was very good. You're going to get heavy legs the third and fourth days until they can get used to the heat. I think those guys are attentive, they're hustling and the communication has been good."

(On his impressions of center Robert Hainsey)

"Smart. He's very smart – going to the right places and doing the right things out of pads. When we go into pads, when he goes up against Vita [Vea] and Akiem [Hicks] he'll get a lot of good work that way. But he did everything [well], and so did [Nick] Leverett."

(On how WR Tyler Johnson's camp has gone so far)

"He came in in great shape. I think he's learned the offense a little more so he's playing a lot freer than he was the last two years. This is a great camp and he'll get a lot of playing time and we'll get to see what he's really doing."

(On if OL Brandon Walton has a legitimate shot at the left guard job)

"It's wide open. He'll have a shot at it as well as everybody else."

(On what he's seen from rookie DL Logan Hall)

"He's very athletic. Obviously, he's got to get everything down schematic-wise, but rushing the passer he's very good. He's got to get the run nuances down and the shifts down. As we install and the game slows down for him, we expect him to help us."

(On the depth at safety)

"Yet to be determined. Whether we carry a fifth safety or not depends on how they play on [special] teams, how they come along [and] if we trust them [to be] doing the right things. But it's a good competition. Nolan [Turner] is very smart, Troy [Warner] is very smart and had a year in the system. Once the pads come on and the preseason games start, that probably will work itself out."

(On QB Tom Brady building synergy with wide receivers Russell Gage Jr. and Julio Jones)

"I think it's a great start. I don't think they have the synergy and everything yet. They're all professional, they've played in the league, and they understand each other. But to get the nuances down and what they think Tom likes and how Tom sees them move – they're working on that and we're going to get that throughout training camp. But the start was very good."

(On if the Buccaneers are sure they will be staying in-house to replace injured C Ryan Jensen)

"We're not sure of anything yet. We've been in shorts and t-shirts. That will work itself out as training camp goes, and depending on how that works out, we'll see if we go outside of the house or not."

(On rookie RB Rachaad White)

"He's very intelligent. The shorts and t-shirt thing right now – I think everybody's having a good camp because it's all mental and some speed and some movement. Once we start hitting and the installs increase and you get a look at who can retain information and execute on the field, I think that starts to work itself out. But he's a very heady player. We liked him when we drafted him. He understands what to do, he has great vision and it will be exciting to see him in pads."

(On how the addition of pads on Monday will change practice)

"Well, a lot of supposed sacks may not get there, and a lot of supposed runs may not get there. We'll see what comes of what. We're trying to make each other better and get ready for the season. We understand we're on the same team. We want heavy competition, but we want to play smart and figure things out."

(On if the Buccaneers will practice at all in their indoor facility)

"Depends on the day. We'll play it by ear. You get a feel, a pulse for the team and you'll always take a look at the temperature. We may, or we may go straight through or give more breaks. We'll fluctuate."

(On if he stresses anything in particular with the players on dealing with pads in the heat)

"Definitely. That's the only way you can be professional. You've got to hydrate, you've got to rejuvenate, you've got to stretch. You've got to do all the things to get you ready for the season. We'll take care of our part when they're in the building; they have to take care of their part when they're out of the building. That's part of being a professional."

(On QB Kyle Trask's development)

"Again, he's playing more confident. The more reps he gets the more comfortable he gets in the scheme and he's very decisive of where he needs to go with the football."

(On how it has gone for kickers Ryan Succop and Jose Borregales)

"It went [well]. Both of them are healthy, both of them are kicking [well] right now. Again, as we get more situations and get these guys kicking more, we'll see what happens."


(On his approach to training camp as a rookie)

"I would say I learn the best through repetition, you know. Walk-throughs [and] taking mental reps whenever [other] guys are on the field – that's how I learn. After you go through it a certain amount of times, it becomes compartmentalized in my head. So, that's how I do it."

(On who he is learning from)

"I've learned from a ton of people. A big part of our [defensive] line is [veterans] – Akiem Hicks, Vita Vea, Will Gholston, 'Nacho' (Rakeem Nuñez-Roches) – I've learned from lots of those guys, a constant flow of information everyday – so [I'm] really grateful." 

(On being a rookie that's joining a team who acquired veteran free agents like Akiem Hicks, Julio Jones and Kyle Rudolph in pursuit of Super Bowl title)

"I'm juiced up, personally. We've got a lot of weapons and it makes me excited for the future. Akiem [Hicks'] been a great addition, Julio [Jones] as well. All the pieces we're adding – I'm really confident in our season and I'm looking forward to it."


(On his biggest key to focus on and visualizing plays before they happen)

"I think for me when I'm out there playing it's anticipation, and not reading and reacting. If I'm anticipating something, I play 10 times faster with the speed I already bring to the game. I think that has helped me tremendously, and I think my skill set sets me apart from different linebackers in the league. Just keep improving [from] a mental standpoint and just fine tune things on the field, working hard early so I can see things in front of me and things like that. I think that's what I've been drilling every day. A lot of people can't do that. A lot of people when they say 'hut' they read keys and all that, but if you anticipate some you're kind of are three steps ahead. That's really taking your game to the next level, and everybody can't do it. It's in my bag of tricks, and I'm just having to pull it out everyday, and just work on it everyday."

(On how important it is to be mentally fit along with physically)

"That's where it comes down to going from being good to great. Everybody in the NFL is physically good – you wouldn't have made it here if you weren't. When you can be the guy mentally, know what's going on, know what routes he's running, where your help is at, where your going to push him to, I think that makes a difference in your game. It lets you play more comfortably, and I think that is really important for any guy on the field. If you are able to put that in your repertoire, I think you need to do it."

(On the offseason veteran signings)

"I think great players want to play with other great players. I think that speaks for itself. They want to go to a team that's going to be a contender – a top tier contender at that. They know they're going to be on a team that's looking to play for it all, and everybody wants to win a Super Bowl -- everybody is going to say that. Not every team has the pieces to do that. You really have to have some great players to be able to do that. When they look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers right now at this moment, they know if I want to go try and get me one on my way out, that's a team I can try to go do it with and have a good chance."

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