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Week 10 Expert Picks: Buccaneers vs. Panthers

Last week, everyone picked the Bucs to win over the Saints. This week, the Bucs have another division opponent – what say the experts now?


The Buccaneers will tackle their second-straight division opponent in the same order as earlier in the season. And like earlier in the season, Tampa Bay dropped its matchup with the New Orleans Saints. Now, the Bucs get the Carolina Panthers, who they stole an early victory from at home in Week Two. Will they get another on the road?

The experts think so, largely undeterred from the Bucs' loss to New Orleans last week on Sunday Night Football. It may have been a primetime game in which the entire country got to see, but it was only one game and therefore only one loss. The Bucs still sit at 6-3 and a half a game back from the division lead.

With another NFC South opponent comes another opportunity to gain more ground in the division. Take a look at the full list of expert picks below.