Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Select Quotes: Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today's earlier media availability. Full video of press conferences can be found on Buccaneers.com.

Head Coach Bruce Arians

Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles

Defensive Lineman Beau Allen

Head Coach Bruce Arians

(Opening Statement)

"Really pleased with this practice. A lot of effort. A lot of attention to detail. Defense had some really good moments. Offense had some really good moments. So, the Bucs win. It's never a good one when one side or the other wins the whole practice. But, overall I thought it was really solid."

(On DL Ndamukong Suh practicing for the first time with the team today)

"It was good. He came out and jumped right in. Very, very smart guy. He learned it really quick."

(On what Suh needs to get out of these next three days)

"Just learn the calls. It's more language than anything. He knows the defense. He's played it up and down the line. It's just a matter of what we call it versus what it's been called before."

(On added Suh's leadership to the mix)

"Yeah, I mean leadership is something you earn. He's been here a day or two. He's got a reputation so, we'll earn that in camp."

(On S Mike Edwards' interception and how he's been doing at practice)

"Oh, I think that ball hit the ground, but that's okay. He's doing really, really well and I'm glad to see him jump up and run with it. Maybe they'll have to challenge it, but he's doing really, really well."

(On QB Jameis Winston throwing interceptions)

"As far as throwing interceptions, I want to see where we're throwing ball down the field and learn from it. Do I get upset with interceptions? Always, but not today. We had some new things going in against different coverages, second and third reads, a lot of second and third players that were not necessarily in the right spots. So, no I don't get upset with him."

(On WR DaMarkus Lodge)

"Yeah, you know, both he and [Anthony] Johnson did really well on the other field. So, with injuries they got a chance to get up on field one and they've looked really, really good. They're tall, their fast, they feel comfortable now, so their running a lot faster. So, yeah they look really good."

(On how Arians evaluates the backup quarterback spot)

"Oh, Blaine [Gabbert] knows everything he's doing. This is the first time in his career he's been in the same offense twice. So, it's easy for him right now, because he kind of knows why he's doing things, where as Jameis [Winston] is learning it all – and they have great communication. And there's no better coach than the backup quarterback. He's just going to tell things the way it really is. Byron [Leftwich] has got that advantage that he's played in the system, so he can see it how he sees it. But still, having a guy for the second time – it was easy when I had Drew Stanton, he was in it five or six years. So, that's really easy."

(On if Arians watched Suh at practice)

"I didn't really watch him to tell you the truth. I didn't know when he was in or out, I was watching some other things. I don't really think I have to watch him and when we put pads on I'll probably see him a lot more."

(On the potential of shortening the preseason)

"Well, I think when you have a 90-man roster, four games is important for those last eight guys, because their going to get all that exposure. There are teams that play their starters – I think coach [Bill] Belichick plays his guys in that fourth game. We'll see where we are at on who we play in that fourth game, but it's really important for that bottom half of your roster. So, do I think you need them? In their first year, with a rookie quarterback? Hell yeah, you really like them. But, now if you go to two and you draft a guy number one as a quarterback, that's a lot of practice time and a lot of games that he doesn't get, to have to play with a rookie."

(On how mini-camp is different from OTAs)

"Well, yeah it's mandatory and then just a little rise in intensity. Not a lot, because we are in shorts and we had some guys getting too close to the quarterback today a couple of times, where we don't want anybody to get hurt, but still compete."

(On Arian's perspective of Suh playing with 'too much fire')

"Ain't enough fire in the world. Burn some guys around you."

(On Arian's wants to instill a certain culture in this team and how it's going so far)

"I think it's going well. I think the accountability – when I look at the assignment sheets and the penalty sheets, they've dwindled from the beginning. You expect a lot of them early, but now if you're on there for four or five days in a row, we've got a problem. You know, you've got two things – you're either not smart enough to play or your give-a-[care] meter don't run hot enough. Alright, so, you've got to have one or the other to get off that sheet. I don't determine practice – how good it went, have to go watch the film, grade it – we had thirty-five mental errors. We could have all the enthusiasm in the world, but we're going to lose."

(On if it's bad having a break between offseason work and training camp)

"Yes and no. I think everybody needs a little bit of a break, but I would really like them to be able to handle – be able to work here on our fields with our trainers, with our strength staff. Not with our coaches, but with them, so I know their getting properly coached. Not going off to specialized places."

(On how much he trusts Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles' evaluations)

"Oh, a bunch. I trust Todd's evaluation more than anybody's and so, that was a big part of it."

(On S Justin Evans not practicing)

"No, he just had another procedure and wanted to let it calm down and keep it in a boot."

Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles

(On being interested in DL Ndamukong Suh a year ago)

"We talked a year ago. Very interested in him at the time. It didn't work out, obviously. But, we developed a good report from talking on the phone and understanding each other – what I was looking for, what he was looking for. So, this time around when I called him it was kind of funny. So, it kind of fell back to the same conversation, but there was a lot of comfortability between us two and everything worked out."

(On what Bowles likes about Suh)

"He's a good player. We're trying to get good players on this team, obviously, and he's a good player – he's got the track record to prove it and he hasn't slowed down yet."

(On what Bowles is looking for Suh to accomplish during mini-camp)

"Just mentally get the basics of the defense down. So, if he can get that down and line up, that'll be good for these next three days. Then he can get the basics of it down, then come back to training camp and we can get rolling."

(On how the rookies are doing so far)

"I think all of them come along pretty good. I don't have one guy in particular. Obviously, they're doing well in the shorts and t-shirt contest right now which we don't play in, but they're picking up the system well and they're moving around well. The key is to get them prepared for training camp, so they can play fast."

(On the next step for the rookie defensive backs)

"Oh, we know what we have. They just need experience. They need experience in our system. They need to play some games to get some games under their belt and their talent will take care of the rest.

Defensive Lineman Beau Allen

(On DL Ndamukong Suh)

"It's exciting times. We're happy to have him in the building. Practice one underway. I'll know a little bit more on tape, but he's been In the NFL for a long time. He's been doing it for a long time. Had a great year obviously last year with the Rams. I've seen him on tape forever just because I played at Wisconsin, so a lot of similar opponents. He was at Nebraska and then when I was in Philly too, he was using that same defense in Detroit, so we saw a bunch of him on tape. I'm happy to get to know him personally, instead of just seeing him on film."

(On what Allen thinks is the most important thing Suh brings to the team)

"I think he's a really good veteran presence that's kind of played in a lot of different positions in the NFL. He's played a lot of different schemes and I think he's definitely created a reputation for himself and I can see where I think you're trying to get me to go with this question. So, I think he brings some toughness and things like that, but like I said I had my first day with him – had my first day meeting him today, so we'll see.

(On learning a new defense with Todd Bowles)

"It's been good. It's a good challenge. We have a lot of different stuff in, I think you guys might have seen that today, but a lot of different moving parts and it's fun. I think – I like playing football, that's why I do it. So, you can learn a lot, especially from a guy like Coach Bow (Todd Bowles) and all the different stuff. It's kind of fun to learn new defenses and were definitely learning a lot."

(On if Allen enjoys the aggressive nature of learning new defenses)

"Yeah, absolutely. People talk about that a lot. We have a lot of different blitzes in and it's fun, but it's mostly just about getting matchups that we want. I don't want to tell you too much of our game plan and that kind of thing, but we have a lot of different stuff in. We have a lot of personnel groups, a lot of guys that are playing a lot of different positions and that's what you want as a player. You want the stress to be on you and they do a really good job coaching us. So, we have to do everything we can to take advantage of the scheme and really do our jobs well."

(On if Allen has put on weight and him playing around 330 pounds)

"What are you trying to say man? No, yeah, I have a little bit. I've always played around 330. That's what I'm at. I was about 320 last year. I've played anywhere up to 340. It's too hot down here to be that heavy. So, we'll see. I take a lot of pride in being able to move and still be heavy and strong. So, it's always an adjustment process with each defense. You got to see what the staff wants from you, what the strength staff wants, what your position coach wants, but I've always felt good playing at like 330, so hopefully that's what it'll be."