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2021 Buccaneers Training Camp Takeaways – Day 14

A couple Buccaneer legends were on hand for Tuesday’s practice where the offense pushed back… but so did a promising young Bucs rookie.


A day after Head Coach Bruce Arians said he had seen the worst offensive practice in three years, the offense responded. It was still a back-and-forth day, with rookie outside linebacker Joe Tryon seemingly taking a near-permanent residence in the backfield for the defense. Seriously. But the offense was able to get some rhythm and at the very least, cut down on the mental errors from then day before, according to Arians.

"Good, solid practice – loved the effort," he said. "More of what we're used to seeing, both sides of the ball, great competition. The tape grades itself. We'll go in and grade the tape and see how good the practice was, but I loved the competitive spirit and everything that was going on out there."

There were also a couple defensive Bucs legends on the sidelines watching it all unfold. Rondé Barber and Simeon Rice, former teammates of one another, came to take in Bucs training camp for themselves. Rice even spoke with Tryon following Tryon's media session.

"I can't wait to see what you do," he told the young pass rusher.

It was a cool moment for Tryon, of course, who called Rice 'one of the OGs in the game.' Tryon already has mentors like current Buccaneer outside linebackers Shaq Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul, but adding one of the most feared pass rushers of his time to his contact list likely can't hurt.

View some of the photos from Buccaneers Training Camp practice at the AdventHealth Training Center.

Here are a few other things that stood out on Tuesday:

-In the first full team period, quarterback Tom Brady connected with wide receiver Chris Godwin and it was actually tight end Rob Gronkowski that bought Brady time by holding off inside linebacker Kevin Minter in the middle.  

-The assignment for Tryon a few plays later was clearly to rush the passer up the middle but upon seeing it was a run, he quickly changed directions and got to the outside where running back C.J. Prosise had bounced in an attempt to get upfield. Spoiler alert: he didn't. Tryon met him at the line.

-The next play, it was inside linebacker Devin White who immediately met fellow former LSU Tiger Leonard Fournette in the backfield.  White has been so consistent against the run this entire camp. It doesn't seem like this entire defensive unit will be slowing down against the run as they defend their number one ranking two years running.

-Speaking of consistency, a day after wide receiver Chris Godwin seemed to be everywhere on the field, he was again a most reliable target for Brady on Tuesday. Two defenders lost him over the middle at one point and Brady hit him in stride as he turned upfield to gain a few extra yards.

-Outside linebacker Jason Pierre-Paul came off the edge and beelined for Brady but before he got there, Brady attempted to throw the ball which was then promptly batted down by Pierre-Paul. It was one of two pass breakups Pierre-Paul had at the line on the day. The next came in a later period where Tryon was rushing from the opposite side, forcing Brady to throw to the opposite side and right into the hands of Pierre-Paul.

-In the face of pressure, Brady aired it out for running back Leonard Fournette running down the sideline but cornerback Carlton Davis was with him the whole way and jumped over Fournette to break up the pass. He nearly made the catch, too.

-The next play, Brady stepped up in the pocket to buy himself a little bit of time and threw it deep again, this time for wide receiver Scotty Miller, who had escaped behind his defender and caught the pass for one of the plays of the day.

-Quarterback Blaine Gabbert had a tough go in the next series, facing two straight sacks. One came from Tryon and the next came from defensive tackle Khalil Davis who got some push up the middle.

-In the red zone, Brady fired a dart to wide receiver Antonio Brown, who caught the ball in the back of the end zone on a perfectly placed pass.

-The defense didn't stand for it for long, though. The next play Brady lobbed it to the back corner of the end zone, again for Brown, but this time Davis denied it and forced the incompletion. That got Devin White pretty fired up from the sideline.

-Pierre-Paul wasn't the only one batting down passes at the line of scrimmage. Defensive tackle Pat O'Connor got his hand in front of a pass over the middle from Gabbert and knocked it down.

-At the goal line, the Bucs trotted out five wideouts and it was wide receiver Mike Evans that came through as Brady fired a short pass to Evans waiting at the goal line.

-Rookie quarterback Kyle Trask sent a great ball to the back corner of the end zone where tight end Tanner Hudson wrestled the ball away from cornerback Chris Cooper to get the touchdown.

-The team split into one-on-one drills and the offensive line and defensive line one-on-ones were especially entertaining Tuesday. They're usually the most entertaining anyway, but go through the practice photos and you'll see a very specific photo where offensive lineman Nick Leverett has Pierre-Paul on the ground. Leverett had a great first rep against the veteran pass rusher and got a little fired up about it, standing over Pierre-Paul as his o-line teammates cheered him on. His coaches told him he had better back that talk up as the pair got lined up for another rep against each other. Sure enough, Leverett did it again, getting Pierre-Paul to the ground again. For a guy that rarely loses a single rep, it was quite an accomplishment for Leverette, who has quietly been having a great camp. And don't worry, JPP had a smile on his face the whole time.

-On the opposite field, the defense was forcing a lot of checkdowns from Brady in seven-on-seven drills between the skill players. The coverage was holding up so Brady was having to fire off a lot of short passes on underneath routes because there simply wasn't anyone open downfield.

-In the same period, Brady tried again for a deep ball to Fournette and this time he got it. Fournette had gotten behind his defender down the sideline and tracked the ball well to complete the catch.

-At this point, the linemen had come over to watch the rest of seven-on-sevens and Pierre-Paul was asking his coaches for drops on the sideline before the period ended.

-In the last team period of the day, Brady had a great sidearm pass to force the ball to Fournette low at the goal line. Fournette was then able to sneak into the end zone for the score.

-Brown had another circus catch as he grabbed a one-hander from Brady in the end zone after doing a great job adjusting to get open.

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