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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In Case You Missed it: August 26, 2022

Top news from the Buccaneers’ last week of training camp including Rachaad White’s one-handed grab and Logan Ryan’s canine initiative


Rachaad White's Sensational Grab 

Running backs underwent ball drills during Wednesday's indoor practice at the AdventHealth Training Center. Rookie Rachaad White turned heads with a sensational, one-handed leaping grab down the sideline. In the positional period, White showcased his catch radius on the acrobatic maneuver. White was the Sun Devils' leading rusher, becoming a nightmare for flat-footed safeties in the open field. However, he became a dependable pass-catcher lining up both wide and in the slot at Arizona State. With an explosive run style and ability to run routes, White could potentially elevate the Bucs' screen game and contribute on jet sweeps.

Changes Maximizing Development in the Secondary

Each NFL season ushers in change for every franchise. For the Buccaneers' secondary, a shift in job descriptions for many have occurred. Antoine Winfield Jr. has been cross-training at both nickel corner and at free safety, playing both near the line of scrimmage and over the top of the defense. The new multi-faceted role has played into his strengths and maximized production on the field. Throughout training camp, Winfield Jr. has been a tone-setter on the back end, accumulating several interceptions and a few would-be sacks in a live-action game-setting where tackling is allowed. "Antoine is a smart dude," Sean Murphy-Bunting described on Thursday following practice. "He is a smart player, and he is always open to learn and to play whatever position the coaches need him to play. I think for him, he is getting the grasp of it. He is getting better each and every day at the position and knowing where his help is and where it isn't. That is just a testament to him, being able to convert from safety to there [nickel corner] and I know he can do it."

With Winfield Jr. moving into the slot more, Sean Murphy-Bunting has transitioned to playing on the outside, opposite Carlton Davis. Previously, Murphy-Bunting saw the majority of his playing time in the slot with the ability to mirror receivers on intermediate routes. This year, he will be tasked with going up against the league's premier wideouts. In May, Cornerbacks Coach Kevin Ross said his goal is to get Murphy-Bunting to an "all-pro level of play," with an emphasis on takeaways. Zone is often more conducive to snagging interceptions but regardless of positioning, Murphy-Bunting has prioritized "studying the entire field" and a myriad of potential scenarios to be ready when his number is called. With a fresh slate and clean bill of health, Murphy-Bunting has the potential for a breakout year in Tampa Bay.

Logan Ryan Promotes Animal Adoption

On Tuesday following practice, Bucs' safety Logan Ryan promoted the adoption of Cora, a five-year-old terrier mix. Cora arrived at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in June and has been up for adoption since. Ryan used his platform at the podium to encourage families to adopt her and other dogs in coordination with his Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation (RARF). Once adopted, Cora's new owners will receive a $60 gift card to the Humane Society's retail store, in addition to four weeks of free virtual training with GoodPup if Cora is granted a forever home before August 26. Ryan's mission is to provide resources, including scholarships for free virtual training during the last month of training camp, for families who could afford a dog but not the training.

Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation was founded in 2017 in Nashville, but has since expanded to provide adoption promotion, financial and educational resources nationwide. Since its inception, the foundation and the Ryan's have promoted thousands of animals for adoption and contributed over $250,000 to the animal rescue community through grants and private donations.

For more information about the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and its mission to provide shelter for homeless and at-risk animals, adoptions, hospital, and TNVR services for the public; which operates independently from the Humane Society of the United States., please visit:

Ryan left with a call to action, "someone go adopt Cora. Great dog."

Big Brothers Big Sisters Visit AHTC

On Friday, Rudy from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay visited the AdventHealth Training Facility and became spectators for a mock game. The special experience for Bigs and Littles was capped off with a meet and greet featuring Head Coach Todd Bowles, inside linebacker Lavonte David and rookie running back Rachaad White. The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay is to cultivate and encourage one-on-one mentoring relationships that empower youth. They serve more than 2,100 children in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, Pasco, Citrus, Hernando, Sumter, Alachua and Marion counties. The morning festivities brought a smile to the faces of all involved.

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View some of the top photos from Buccaneers Training Camp practice at the AdventHealth Training Center.

View some of the top photos from Buccaneers Training Camp practice at the AdventHealth Training Center.

View some of the top photos from Buccaneers Training Camp practice at the AdventHealth Training Center.

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