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Tom Brady 'Hasn't Missed a Beat' | Carmen Catches Up

The Bucs new quarterback already seems to have a good grasp on the offense, according to running back Ronald Jones. The third-year back also detailed his offseason 


-It may be the first time quarterback Tom Brady has had to learn a new offensive system in about 20 years but according to running back Ronald Jones II, he looks comfortable already.

"In terms of Tom, I wouldn't even know," Jones said via Zoom on Monday. "None of the guys would know either that he was having to learn it because he hasn't missed a beat. He hasn't missed anybody on a play or [anything] like that, so you wouldn't even know. Obviously, you know his resume, so it's good to be out there with a guy like that – a real field general."

Brady has been commanding the field during the first week or so of workouts as the team prepares for its 'ramp-up' period of training camp. During the 'acclimatization period', only strength coaches are allowed on the field with the players. That leaves players to their own devices when it comes to the more nuanced areas of their craft. But that hasn't been a problem for the offense, where Brady can regularly be seen coaching up the guys around him. Never mind that he's new to this team. He's a plug and play leader and has been from the moment he arrived in Tampa.

"Working with Tom was great too [and] being able to get some chemistry, so he could see my tempo, my speed, my routes and things like that," said Jones. "So, hitting the field Week 1, we'll be ready, and he'll know how to go off of me."

Jones also did some individual training this offseason that included running hills in Arizona. He took his inspiration from another legendary running back: the late Walter Payton.

"What I went through over the summer, looking at the training with the hills that Walter Payton did – what he did that just inspired me – putting himself through the mental part of it just fulfilled me for when I got back here just to be ready for things like that," said Jones."

View some of the photos from Buccaneers Training Camp practice at the AdventHealth Training Center.

-Part of Jones' training this offseason was also to work on his pass-catching skills*.* He fine-tuned his hand placement when catching the ball along with his route running. Click on the link for more of what Scott Smith has to say there.

-Players were allowed to use their helmets during the acclimatization period in order to test out Oakley face shield and 'Visor Brady' was born. Oakley has manufactured shields that attach to NFL helmets for mitigating the spread of coronavirus but as a result, we got our first look at Brady in his Bucs helmet. He also opted for a visor for part of the morning and it looks so cool.

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