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Top 10 Tuesday: Best Defenses Bucs Will Face in 2020

See the stats on the best defenses the Bucs will face this coming season.

TAMPA, FL - NOVEMBER 17, 2019 - Center Ryan Jensen #66 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the game between the New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. The Buccaneers lost the game 34-17. Photo By Jason Parkhurst/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers rank somewhere in the middle of the pack for strength of schedule based on opponent win/loss records from last season. And after some major offseason moves, the hype around the team is real – especially the offense with Tom Brady at the helm.

But who will Brady and Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and Rob Gronkowski and O.J. Howard and Cam Brate and Ronald Jones face on the other side of the line this season?

It might surprise you that two of the top three defenses the Bucs will face this season are within the NFC South, which is traditionally known more for its offensive firepower.

The Bucs also have to contend with three cross-conference opponents that crack this list and three of their former division rivals in the NFC North. The NFC Central wasn't called the black-and-blue division for nothing back in the day.

Here are the top 10 defenses the Bucs will face in 2020. Ranking was done according to a combination of sacks, passing defense and rushing defense.

10. New York Giants

Sacks: 36.0 (8th among all 2020 opponents)

2019 Rushing Yards Allowed: 1,812 (9th among all 2020 opponents)

2019 Passing Yards Allowed: 4,471 (12th among all 2020 opponents)

9. Green Bay Packers

Sacks: 41.0 (6th)

2019 Rushing Yards Allowed: 1,921 (11th)

2019 Passing Yards Allowed: 4,016 (7th)

8. Las Vegas Raiders

Sacks: 32.0 (T-9th)

2019 Rushing Yards Allowed: 1,570 (2nd)

2019 Passing Yards Allowed: 4,355 (11th)

7. Chicago Bears

Sacks: 32.0 (T-9th)

2019 Rushing Yards Allowed: 1,632 (3rd)

2019 Passing Yards Allowed: 3,796 (2nd)

6. Kansas City Chiefs

Sacks: 45.0 (5th)

2019 Rushing Yards Allowed: 2,051 (12th)

2019 Passing Yards Allowed: 3,881 (4th)

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5. Denver Broncos

Sacks: 40.0 (7th)

2019 Rushing Yards Allowed: 1,783 (6th)

2019 Passing Yards Allowed: 3,822 (3rd)

4. Minnesota Vikings

Sacks: 48.0 (4th)

2019 Rushing Yards Allowed: 1,728 (4th)

2019 Passing Yards Allowed: 4,099 (8th)

3. Carolina Panthers

Sacks: 53.0 (1st)

2019 Rushing Yards Allowed: 2,296 (13th)

2019 Passing Yards Allowed: 3,997 (6th)

2. Los Angeles Rams

Sacks: 50.0 (3rd)

2019 Rushing Yards Allowed: 1,809 (8th)

2019 Passing Yards Allowed: 3,928 (5th)

1. New Orleans Saints

Sacks: 51.0 (2nd)

2019 Rushing Yards Allowed: 1,461 (1st)

2019 Passing Yards Allowed: 4,201 (10th)

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