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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs Coaches Return to AdventHealth Training Center

Head Coach Bruce Arians and his staff returned to the facility on Monday morning, which looked a little different from the last time they were there.

The boys (and girls) are back in town... At least for a bit. Head Coach Bruce Arians and his staff returned to AdventHealth Training Center on Monday morning for the first time since mid-March. This time though, there were quite a few changes and additions compared to just a few months ago. The Buccaneers formed a COVID-19 Infection Response team that worked to outfit the facility in a way that limits the spread of the virus using guidelines recommended by the CDC and the league as a whole.

Coaches were greeted with safety kits upon pulling into the parking lot. Each bag contained things like masks, which each coach had to wear in order to enter the building, hand sanitizer, gloves and health questionnaires to be filled out daily.

View photos of the Buccaneers coaching staff returning to AdventHealth Training Center on Monday morning.

Right inside their specified entrance was an automated temperature check station. Standing in front of a machine, each coach's temperature was scanned. Anything above 100.4 was not allowed inside or would need to be re-scanned after a specified waiting period.

Some hallways are now one-way, elevator and break room capacity is limited and there are signs and markers everywhere to ensure social distancing measures are taken. Coaches must keep their doors closed if they want to take their masks off while in their office, which is a stark contrast to how BA's staff normally operates. The open-door policy Arians has talked about before breeds collaboration. That has now become a bit more challenging.

Meetings that would take place in normal conference rooms now take place in the team meeting room to allow coaches to physically distance themselves from each other.

But other than all those differences, the work remains largely the same. There is still film to be watched and plays to be drawn up in preparation for a season that will also look largely different than the last. The only thing to do is to be prepared as best you can, which is the focus going forward for the staff.

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