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FIRST LOOK: Tom Brady Dons Buccaneer Uniform for First Time

If it still didn’t feel real that quarterback Tom Brady is now a Buccaneer, maybe these pictures of him in multiple uniform combinations will help.

Quarterback Tom Brady will wear a different uniform for the first time in his two-decade long career. It happens to be a Buccaneer uniform and you can now get your first look at how wonderful it all looks below.

View pictures of QB Tom Brady in the new Buccaneers uniforms.

Brady in red. Brady in white. Brady in pewter. The latest photoshoot goes through multiple uniform combinations to give fans a preview of what's to come this season.

Though, a lot of fans have already gotten a preview of the jersey itself in the weeks since Brady signed. Five different versions of his jersey appeared on the Top 10 list of best-selling jerseys that NFL Shop put out as recently as last month. Brady fans and Bucs fans alike were scooping them up by the droves in red, pewter and white.

Now, we get to see what that jersey looks like actually on the player. The home red features an outline of orange on the white block numbers. The pewter, a fan-favorite, can be worn this season a maximum of three times. The white looks incredibly crisp against the dark background and Brady's Florida tan.

That tan was probably helped by the time outside Brady has spent training, both at his home and with his teammates in practices the veteran quarterback has organized in recent weeks. He's brand new to Tampa Bay but Brady is all Buccaneer and now looks the part, too.

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