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First Day of Rookie Minicamp is in the Books & a Bucs espnW Summit Panel | Carmen Catches Up

The rookies are in the building while the Bucs are setting an example for women’s involvement in football. Plus, the 2021 schedule release!


-Rookie minicamp began on Friday and we got to hear from the Bucs' first three picks, along with Head Coach Bruce Arians.

First-rounder Joe Tryon is looking forward to learning from outside linebackers Jason Pierre-Paul and Shaq Barrett this season and hoping to get in on a rotation that features all three of them.

"They're really respectable dudes in the league and at the top of the top of the league in their positions," said Tryon. "I'm definitely familiar with them. It's going to be a blessing to be in the same room with them, learn from them, play with them and get after the quarterback with them."

Second-round pick Kyle Trask will also have someone to learn from in his position room… arguably the greatest quarterback of all time in Thomas Edward Patrick Brady. Though Trask doesn't want to set expectations on what he can gain from having a relationship with the veteran quarterback. He's thankful to have the opportunity to learn from someone so successful, though. And he looks forward to whatever tips he gets as he develops as a young quarterback in the league.

Offensive lineman Robert Hainsey spent three years as a starter for Notre Dame and played nothing but right tackle in those games. A bit undersized for an NFL tackle, the 6-foot-4 Hainsey tried out playing center and guard at the Senior Bowl this past January. It was there he learned he actually liked the center position and it's also where the Bucs first really noticed him.

In Friday's media availability, Hainsey was asked if he preferred drive-blocking or sitting back in pass protection as an offensive lineman and he didn't hesitate to say the former, and then quoted former coaching great Joe Moore.

-ESPN kicked off their women's summit on Thursday and it included a panel discussion with Buccaneers Co-Owner Darcie Glazer Kassewitz, Head Coach Bruce Arians, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Maral Javadifar and Assistant Defensive Line Coach Lori Locust, moderated by Mina Kimes.

They had a candid discussion about how the Buccaneers have shown that diversity works, especially when it comes to including females in football. There's no better evidence of that than the Super Bowl the Bucs just won but Arians saw how women could contribute in the coaching ranks long before that.

"I always bring up the name Dot Murphy, who was a coach at Hinds Junior College back in the early 90s that I used to clinic with her and her husband all the time," said Arians. "She was one of the best receiver coaches I've ever seen. So, when I was approached earlier in Arizona about it I said, I know it's possible. There just [has to be] an opportunity. There are so many qualified people, you know, and I give my wife a lot of credit for kicking me in the tail to make sure that we got this done right and I applaud Darcie and the Glazer family for allowing us to have as big a staff as we have but to have both female coaches who were overqualified for their jobs."

To view the full panel, click here.

-The full 2021 schedule is officially out! See when your favorite matchups are taking place and what Rob Gronkowski has to… uh… say about it.

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