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The Force is With Tom Brady & Ndamukong Suh Makes 22 | Carmen Catches Up

The Buccaneers have now locked up all 22 starters from their Super Bowl roster for 2021 and Tom Brady goes to Disney World.


-Tom Brady goes to Disney World… and gets candid in Good Morning America interview with Michael Strahan. The two met up somewhere inside the park that allowed for social distancing to talk not only about Brady and his family's visit but also what he's been up to since winning his seventh Lombardi trophy and what he has left to prove at 43 years old.

Brady said it wasn't so much about having something to prove anymore. How could it be with his multiple league and Super Bowl MVP awards, championships with multiple teams and being part of the first team in NFL history to play in and win a Super Bowl in their home stadium? No, for Brady, he just loves the game.

"I still want to play... I got a little sickness in me that just wants to throw a freaking spiral," he laughed with Strahan.

Brady also posted multiple photos of him in the Star Wars section of the park. In his Instagram stories, Kylo Ren asked him to join 'the Dark Side' to which Brady replied, "I'm already on a winning team."

10/10 response.

-Ndamukong Suh makes 22 – Super Bowl starters, that is. The Buccaneers kept the band together, re-signing multiple free agents to keep both the offense and defense together for 2021. It's a first for the salary cap era and hasn't been done since the 1977 Oakland Raiders. It's no guarantee of success, of course. But those Raiders went to the AFC Championship that season. In 1979, the Pittsburgh Steelers brought back their Week One starters from their Super Bowl championship team and then, well, repeated.

-Just like a lot of people getting together with family for Easter, Rob Gronkowski decided to pay Baby Gronk a visit at Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park. The young rhino was born last summer, before Gronkowski was able to visit his namesake, but this time, Gronk even brought Momma Gronk and one of his brothers.

The zoo even posted this 'glamour shot' of Gronk and Baby Gronk and it's fantastic. So was Gronk's response, for that matter.

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