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Tom Brady Has Officially Entered the Building and Put Some Respect on Lavonte David's Name | Carmen Catches Up

Quarterbacks and rookies reported to AdventHealth Training Center today for their physicals, marking the first time new quarterback Tom Brady entered the building as a Buccaneer. Plus, Lavonte David makes the NFL Top 100… but there’s a catch.


-Both rookies and quarterbacks reported to the building for their physicals on Monday. New Bucs quarterback Tom Brady was among the first to arrive, along with Tampa Bay's first-round pick Tristan Wirfs. The two groups began the process of returning for training camp last Thursday when they took their first COVID-19 tests in a testing trailer parked outside the building. They had to clear two negative tests 72 hours apart before they were allowed inside the actual facility. That day came Monday as they submitted to a couple hours of routine physicals. They can begin their preparations this week.

Veterans will take their first round of tests on Tuesday, July 28. They can begin an 'acclimatization period' consisting of mostly strength and conditioning workouts on August 3, in accordance with the agreement set forth by the NFL and NFLPA last week.

-Inside linebacker Lavonte David landed on the NFL's Top 100 list. Here's the catch: he was 100 and predictably, Twitter went nuts. It ended a four-year absence of David on the list. He last appeared in 2016 at number 53. He was ranked the three consecutive seasons prior to that, reaching as high as number 35 on the list.

And while his being included in the Top 100 overall means he is within the top 6% of the best football players in the world, I still don't know how you name 99 players better than him. Twitter didn't understand either. See for yourself:

I wrote the story Sunday night about his selection. It was a factually based article meant to inform rather than to pass judgment. The beauty of this column is its editorial nature, where I can absolutely say that David again gets snubbed. Show me a more consistent player (especially linebacker) and I'll show you someone who doesn't exist. I alluded to it in the article but it seems that David has become a victim of his own consistency. A high level of play is just simply expected from him. He's not the flashiest player. He's the last player to show off or push any of his own individual accolades. And instead of commending and recognizing him for it – we just act like it's business as usual.

Hopefully, with the Bucs on primetime for five games this year, people that are discovering David for the first time can aid in the elusive recognition and respect for the nine-year veteran player.

-Speaking of Twitter, Mike Evans and Chris 'Goodwin' got called out by Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen, to which they responded in hilariously on social media. It sparked a debate across the social media platform that everyone decided to get in on… including myself.

Bucs Tweet of the Day:

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