Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs Training Camp Takeaways: Day 11

It was the last practice before the Bucs take on the Steelers in their first game of the preseason on Friday night.


-Wednesday's practice was a shortened one ahead of the Bucs' first preseason game in Pittsburgh on Friday. The indoor session in shells (not pads) ended about an hour earlier than normal and placed a heavy emphasis on younger players. Head Coach Bruce Arians said that rookies and younger players will play about 80% of the snaps on Friday against the Steelers.

-In the first team period, quarterback Jameis Winston hit wide receiver Breshad Perriman in stride on a beautiful post route towards the left sideline.

-Linebacker Deone Bucannon got the tip on a pass over the middle from Winston. It went high up in the air but no one was able to come down with it.

-Bucannon got another tip in seven-on-seven drills, this one was closer to an interception. His teammates came over to celebrate the play but Buc opted for pushups instead, upset that he didn't get the interception.

-Wide receiver Spencer Schnell had a diving grab from quarterback Ryan Griffin. He hustled to get himself back upright and gained a few extra yards before he was 'tackled.'

-Cornerback M.J. Stewart had multiple pass breakups again today, two of which were so close to being interceptions. The first was on a pass from Griffin on an underthrown ball, which Stewart positioned himself perfectly for. The ball went right into Stewart's chest but he couldn't hang on.

-The second came following a great pass breakup where he pretty much scared wide receiver Bobo Wilson off the ball in the last team period. Stewart got the jump on the route intended for wide receiver Anthony Johnson from Griffin on the very next play down the right sideline and almost had the pick again.

-Winston and tight end Cameron Brate continue to show their strong connection. Brate nabbed one over the middle in the first team period of practice.

-On the next play, tight end Tanner Hudson made the catch on a very similar route from quarterback Blaine Gabbert. It was the first of a couple great catches for Hudson.

-Hudson also had a great block of linebacker Devante Bond as he chipped him on the way to his own spot. Bond was trying to cover running back Dare Ogunbowale and Hudson threw him off then made the catch over the middle right in front of the end zone. It was a complete play for a tight end.

-Quarterback Jameis Winston caught tight end O.J. Howard in stride from the 25-yard line and Howard was able to get in for the touchdown despite multiple defenders right there.

-Winston tried to hit wide receiver Mike Evans along the left hash in front of the end zone but rookie linebacker Devin White got a hand on the ball instead mid-route as he came across the middle in coverage.

-Winston has been utilizing his tight ends so much that it almost seems as if they can be used as a distraction. With both Howard and Brate lined up to one side, Evans was left one-on-one on the other and Winston was able to make the throw over the middle for the score. It was a successful period for Winston who scored touchdowns on two of three attempts from the 25-yard line.

-Running back Ronald Jones got stopped behind the line of scrimmage by outside linebacker David Kenney and inside linebacker Devante Bond. It was a good tandem of the two to penetrate the backfield and play the run.

-Wide receiver Allison snuck behind all the defenders and was able to skim the very back of the end zone before Griffin hit him for the touchdown.

-Wide receiver Spencer Schnell had a great catch from Griffin in which he made sure to touch both feet in bounds down the right sideline.

-Rookie defensive tackle Terry Beckner Jr. got through to the backfield on a handoff from Gabbert to running back Peyton Barber. Barber had absolutely nowhere to go and bounced right back into the backfield. Beckner should be one of those young players to get playing time in Pittsburgh.

-It was defensive tackle Dare Odeyingbo's turn to do the same on another handoff to Barber from Gabbert. Barber tried for the middle and again got nowhere.

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