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Call Him '7': Leonard Fournette Officially Changes Jersey Number

The Buccaneers running back will go back to his roots by wearing ‘7’ this season in Tampa Bay.


Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette has taken on a few nicknames since joining Tampa Bay before the 2020 season. He was 'Playoff Lenny' due to his production in the postseason and then after the Bucs took home the ultimate prize, Fournette became 'Lombardi Lenny.'

Now, he's adding another: 'Seven.'

In taking advantage of the new relaxed rules announced by the NFL last week regarding which numbers certain positions can wear, Fournette is officially changing his number to '7' and you can address him by the numerical moniker going forward.

Fournette wore seven back in college at LSU. It was his way of representing where he's from in New Orleans: the seventh ward.

"That's where I'm born and raised," said Fournette. "That's just me. That's what I represent. I'm so big on giving back to where I'm from and it really represents how special that place is to me. I'm just grateful.

"It was a special number to me in college, so I'm like why not wear it again?"

The number also has biblical implications, appearing in the Bible several times, which Fournette says plays into its importance to him, as well.

In his first year with the Bucs, Fournette wore number 28 after wearing 27 with Jacksonville during his first couple years in the NFL. Number 27 was already in use by Ronald Jones when Fournette signed before the 2020 season. Now, he's back for another year as the Bucs attempt to 'go for two' in 2021 and repeat as Super Bowl champions. It's something Fournette is looking forward to, now donning the number that's extra special to him.

"I'm blessed to be in the position that I'm in," said Fournette. "I'm happy to be back with the guys and just want to represent."

It didn't take long for the jerseys to be available in an official capacity, either. The Buccaneers online shop has already begun selling Fournette '7' jerseys and you can get yours here.

The switch came after the NFL announced an array of rule changes last week that included one petitioned by the Kansas City Chiefs to expand the allowable numbers for certain positions. Skill players, including running backs, can now wear 1-49 as well as 80-89.

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