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Six Bucs Appear on Top Free Agents List, the NFL Reveals All 323 Combine Invites & Tom Brady Talks Boat Parade | Carmen Catches Up

With free agency looming, there are quite a few top prospects that the Buccaneers will try to hold onto. Plus, Tom Brady talks about his hazy memories of the Bucs’ boat parade and see the list of all 323 Combine invitees.


-The Buccaneers have six pending free agents that appear on Gregg Rosenthal's Top 101 Free Agents list on*.* In the top 10 are both wide receiver Chris Godwin and outside linebacker Shaq Barrett, coming in at six and eight, respectively. Yes, inside linebacker Lavonte David is on the list, but he doesn't come in until No. 36 and no, I don't want to talk about it. Cue the 'I just think it's funny how…' list of reasons why it's yet another proverbial slap in the face to the criminally underappreciated linebacker. Hopefully, it won't matter though as the Bucs work to retain the longest-tenured Buccaneer on the current roster. The dynamic duo of David and Devin White just started getting good – it'd be a shame to break them up now and even White seems to think so.

Rob Gronkowski is the next Buc to appear on the list at No. 55, who Rosenthal gives his due to after coming to a key realization: "I wanted to rank Gronk lower before realizing he finished in the top 10 among tight ends in yards (623) and touchdowns (7), all while blocking well and rarely leaving the field. He will live forever," he wrote.

That was just in the regular season, too. Gronkowski proceeded to score not one but two 'tuddies' in the Super Bowl as he played an integral part in the Bucs' domination of the Chiefs.

Wide receiver Antonio Brown comes in at No. 64 and Ndamukong Suh rounds things out for the Bucs at No. 71.

-Quarterback Tom Brady went on the Late, Late Show with James Corden to tell the talk show host that he's gotten 'reacquainted with the dishwasher' since the Bucs' Super Bowl win. Brady also somewhat foggily retold his experience at the boat parade and when asked what he was thinking when he tossed the Vince Lombardi trophy off of his boat to the waiting arms of tight end Cam Brate in another, Brady replied, "Ok, first of all, I was not thinking at that moment," as he laughed.

Corden then asked Brady who it was that you hear in the video saying, 'Dad, no!' as the trophy left his hands. Brady said it was his eight-year-old daughter, who ended up having the most sense of anyone in the area at that time, according to Brady. After a little bit of 'avocado tequila' and all the video evidence surrounding the day, no one is questioning that statement.

Brady also tells Corden that he had knee surgery and will be starting his rehab for these next couple months. This was originally revealed by Head Coach Bruce Arians and General Manager Jason Licht during media availability last week. Brady is expected to be ready to go for next season and could start running and practicing by June.

View the full interview here.

-The NFL released all 323 Combine invitees this week, despite the fact there won't be a physical Combine in Indianapolis this year. Ohio State owns the top spot for most players invited with 14, followed by a three-way tie at 11 between Alabama, Georgia and Notre Dame. The SEC unsurprisingly has the most players invited of any major conference with 81 total invitees.

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