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Bruce Arians: Bucs Look to Improve 'Discipline' over the Bye Week | Carmen Catches Up

The Bucs need to cut down penalties as embark on the second half of their season. Also, Chris Godwin gets ‘angry.’


-The biggest challenge the Buccaneers faced last Sunday in New Orleans was essentially themselves. They committed 11 penalties that resulted in 99 yards gifted to the Saints, and more importantly, six first downs that helped extend drives.

The worst part of the penalty situation was that they were mostly a result of the Bucs just playing a division rival hard. There were a couple roughing the passer penalties that Head Coach Bruce Arians expanded upon on Monday.

"Well, you know, this was the one that was the most disappointing," Arians said of the game. "We do a scouting report on who's calling the game every week. This referee is very, very protective of the quarterback. They lead the league in roughing the passer penalties and we committed obvious penalties. Any time you touch them on the head, it's a penalty. Players just have to take the responsibility to play smarter."

And play smarter, they'll have to. Asked what he hopes to improve most over the break that the bye week provides, Arians said simply, "Discipline."

That's easier said than done but it's a turnaround that isn't unprecedented. Tampa Bay did it last year. And when you lead the league in penalties and penalty yards incurred, the only way to go is up, right?

-Wide receiver Chris Godwin won the Angry Scepter for his stiff arm of Saints defensive back CJ Gardner-Johnson on his way to a 25-yard gain in Sunday's game. Twenty-one of those yards came after the catch, oh by the way. It was the first of eight catches Godwin would have on the day. In fact, 84 of his 140 receiving yards in the game came after the catch, none more impressive than turning a six-yard pass into a 44-yard gain in the third quarter that set up a touchdown a few plays later.

Godwin's ability to come in clutch for the offense comes from his versatility on the field and his physicality. Both were on display in that first catch though so enjoy GMFB's Kyle Brandt absolutely losing it over the play. Kudos to the rest of the breakfast table for agreeing with him, too. Godwin will take good care of the scepter, you can be sure.

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