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Arians Details How the Running Back Room Will Shake Out as Bucs Bring Shade to the Sunshine State | Carmen Catches Up

The Buccaneers made things official with 12-year veteran LeSean McCoy and Head Coach Bruce Arians details how he sees him and the other running backs fitting into the new-look offense with quarterback Tom Brady at the helm.


-Bruce Arians spoke to the media today for the first time since being back in the building with the entire team. There were a few housekeeping things to address, such as how he feels the team is handling the safety protocols due to the coronavirus pandemic. Overall, Arians said he's pleased and thinks the organization has created a safe environment for him, his staff and his players to operate in.

"We're doing our team meetings in the indoor facility where we're all spread out, have a big TV screen and using a microphone, which I'm not fond of," Arians said of the changes he and the team have had to adapt to. "It's working fine. I've gotten used to it. Special teams is doing the same thing – Keith [Armstrong's] got a headset and we're doing special teams meetings out there also. Our ownership did an unbelievable job of reshaping this building so that we could have meeting rooms for all the guys with spacing. We couldn't use our big auditorium because it only holds 50 [people], so we can only use our offense in there. [We've] basically taken over the other side of the building. New classrooms, getting used to eating outside andall those things that can be a distraction if you allow them to be. So far, our guys are not allowing that to be a distraction or the coaching staff. I'm very pleased so far in that way."

-The Bucs brought some shade to the Sunshine State, making things official with veteran running back LeSean "Shady" McCoy. Also, you all missed an opportunity on that pun, and I will not apologize for finally using it. Back to the news at hand, McCoy brings a veteran presence to a very young running back group but wants to make sure people know he can still be a contributor even entering his 12th season.

His main reason for choosing Tampa as his landing spot was that he believes the team is chock full of guys who want to win – and sees the Bucs as a contender. And though he wants to make as big of an impact as he can, Arians addressed his position group in the above press conference and how he envisions it playing out.

"RoJo [Ronald Jones II] is the main guy," said Arians of the Bucs third-year back. "He'll carry the load. All of those other guys are fighting for roles – [for] who goes in second when he gets tired, maybe who is the third-down guy. But they're all fighting for a role and special teams will have a lot to do with that. LeSean – adding him – he's a great veteran, he's a very bright guy and he's already coaching those guys and helping them out. He'll find his niche easily."

That niche could prove very useful, especially in something like the screen game, which quarterback Tom Brady likes to take advantage of by throwing short, quick passes to his running backs to help move the ball down the field efficiently. Arians said the Bucs were effective last year in that aspect of the game themselves and that the screen game is a big part of their current offense. McCoy is a dual-threat back that has been utilized heavy in the passing game because of his natural hands in catching the ball. He's surpassed 1,500 all-purpose yards five times in his 12-year career, even topping 2,000 in 2013.

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