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Articles - May 2020

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2020-05-01 Buccaneers Free Agency Tracker: Post-Draft Update
2020-05-01 Bucs Claim Kicker Elliott Fry
2020-05-04 Bring it On! Four Potential Week One Foes for Bucs
2020-05-04 Did You Just Make a Plan to Make a Plan? What We Know About the NFL Schedule Release | Carmen Catches Up
2020-05-04 Bucs Add to 2020 Draft Haul in 'Round Eight'
2020-05-04 Bucs Complete Deals with Four More Undrafted Free Agents
2020-05-05 Top 10 Tuesday: Best Defenses Bucs Will Face in 2020
2020-05-05 Bucs Re-Sign Josh Wells to Bolster Tackle Depth
2020-05-06 2020 NFL Schedule to Be Released Thursday Night
2020-05-06 Donovan Smith: Tom Brady's Presence A Spotlight for Other Bucs Stars
2020-05-06 Is the Bucs’ 2020 Offense Too Stacked? And Could Bruce Arians Be the Next WWE 24/7 Champ? | Carmen Catches Up
2020-05-07 S.S. Mailbag: Depth Chart Debates
2020-05-07 Buccaneers Future Opponents Through 2022
2020-05-07 What's Next: Detroit Lions, Week 16
2020-05-07 What's Next: Atlanta Falcons, Weeks 15 and 17
2020-05-07 What's Next: Minnesota Vikings, Week 14
2020-05-07 What's Next: Kansas City Chiefs, Week 12
2020-05-07 What's Next: Los Angeles Rams, Week 11
2020-05-07 What's Next: New York Giants, Week 8
2020-05-07 What's Next: Las Vegas Raiders, Week 7
2020-05-07 What's Next: Green Bay Packers, Week 6
2020-05-07 What's Next: Chicago Bears, Week 5
2020-05-07 What's Next: Los Angeles Chargers, Week 4
2020-05-07 What's Next: Denver Broncos, Week 3
2020-05-07 What's Next: Carolina Panthers, Weeks 2 & 10
2020-05-07 What's Next: New Orleans Saints, Weeks One & Nine
2020-05-07 Bucs Open with All-AFC Preseason Slate
2020-05-07 5 Things to Know about the Bucs 2020 Schedule
2020-05-08 Thoughts from Bruce Arians and the Bucs Coaching Staff on the 2020 NFL Schedule
2020-05-10 "Everything" by Mike Evans
2020-05-11 2020 Schedule Roundtable: Most Anticipated Game
2020-05-11 Pros and Cons of the Bucs' 2020 Schedule
2020-05-11 Chris Godwin Needs Your Help & Mike Evans is Excited for Tampa Bay | Carmen Catches Up
2020-05-12 2020 Schedule Roundtable: Top Rookie Opponent
2020-05-12 The Bucs' Best Game Ever in Every Week of the Season, Part 1
2020-05-13 The Bucs' Best Game Ever in Every Week of the Season, Part 2
2020-05-13 2020 Schedule Roundtable: Biggest Challenge for Bucs' Defense
2020-05-13 Ronald Jones Putting in Work, Tom Brady Will Help Make Others Household Names | Carmen Catches Up
2020-05-14 Bucs Young Secondary Wants to Be Known for Takeaways
2020-05-14 2020 Schedule Roundtable: Biggest Challenge for Bucs' Offense
2020-05-14 S.S. Mailbag: Setbacks and Set-Ups
2020-05-14 Tom Brady, Phil Mickelson, Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods to Tee Off for Coronavirus Relief
2020-05-15 2020 Schedule Roundtable: Toughest Stretch
2020-05-15 Sean Murphy-Bunting Shares Story Behind New Number 23 …and It’s Not What You Think
2020-05-18 2020 Night Vision: Bucs' New Schedule Loaded with Prime-Time Classics
2020-05-18 Bucs' 2020 Preseason Dates Finalized
2020-05-18 The Time Tom Brady & Michael Jordan Won a Golf Tournament, DJ Khaled’s Advice to Gronk & the Bucs are Super Bowl Contenders | Carmen Catches Up
2020-05-19 Bucs 2020 Post-Draft Roster Review: Quarterbacks
2020-05-19 Top 10 Tuesday: Best Offenses the Bucs Will Face in 2020
2020-05-20 Bucs 2020 Post-Draft Roster Review: Running Backs
2020-05-20 Playoff Bound? NFL Analysts Bullish on Bucs' 2020 Win Total
2020-05-20 Six Bucs Players Make Top 100 List
2020-05-20 More Lavonte David Appreciation and Bucs Dominating Jersey Sales | Carmen Catches Up
2020-05-21 S.S. Mailbag: Chemistry Experiment
2020-05-21 How to Watch, Live Stream: Tom Brady, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods & Peyton Manning in ‘The Match’
2020-05-21 ESPN: Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski Give Bucs Best Offseason in the League 
2020-05-21 Devin White: Bucs Defense Wants to Put Game on Their Backs
2020-05-22 An Inspirational Encounter Between Mike Evans & Lifelong Bucs Fan, Jason Licht on SportsCenter & Keeping Up with Gronk | Carmen Catches Up
2020-05-22 Gronk on Ellen: Main Reason I Came to Tampa Was My Mom
2020-05-25 Tom Brady Hits Highlight but Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning Take Home ‘The Match’ Win
2020-05-25 Bucs 2020 Post-Draft Roster Review: Wide Receivers
2020-05-26 Next Gen Stats: Shaq Barrett One of Top NFL Disruptors
2020-05-26 Next Gen Stats: Tom Brady Among Best Deep Throwers in 2019
2020-05-26 The Top Buccaneer in Every Jersey: 1-10
2020-05-27 Bucs 2020 Post-Draft Roster Review: Tight Ends
2020-05-27 Mike Evans, Chris Godwin Named Best WR Duo Entering 2020
2020-05-27 Ali Marpet: O-Line Will Get Better Years from Everyone
2020-05-27 Bruce Arians Talks Tom Brady with Joe Maddon and is the Favorite for AP Coach of the Year | Carmen Catches Up
2020-05-28 S.S. Mailbag: Biggest 2020 Challenges
2020-05-28 The Top Buccaneer in Every Jersey: 11-20
2020-05-28 Recent Drafts Give Bucs' Defense Strength Up the Middle
2020-05-28 Continuity ‘Encouraging’ for Bucs Defense According to DC Todd Bowles