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Articles - April 2020

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2020-04-01 Bucs Announce Uniform Unveiling Date & What Number Tom Brady, Chris Godwin Jersey You’re Going to Buy | Carmen Catches Up
2020-04-01 Home Entertainment: Introducing Daily Bucs Trivia in April!
2020-04-01 TB12, Still: Tom Brady Accepts Chris Godwin's Offer
2020-04-01 The Brady-BA Collaborative: Part 1, Dispelling Concerns Over Brady’s Fit in the Bucs Offense
2020-04-02 S.S. Mailbag: Making Adjustments
2020-04-02 Daily Bucs Trivia: Celebrating Longevity
2020-04-02 2020 Prospect Primer: EDGE Zack Baun
2020-04-03 Ranking the Bucs' Top Third-Round Gems
2020-04-03 Daily Bucs Trivia: TDs and Ws
2020-04-03 Blaine Gabbert Gets Second Act with Bucs
2020-04-03 Buccaneers.com 2020 Mock Draft 5.0: Two Rounds!
2020-04-03 The Brady-BA Collaborative: Part 2, Built-In Similarities
2020-04-06 What Would It Cost Bucs to Move Into Draft's Top 10?
2020-04-06 Daily Bucs Trivia: Pick Victims
2020-04-06 2020 Bucs Mock Draft Roundup 14.0
2020-04-06 Tom Brady Code Names and the NFL’s 2010s All-Decade Team | Carmen Catches Up
2020-04-06 The Brady-BA Collaborative: Part 3, Resources
2020-04-07 Daily Bucs Trivia: First Visits
2020-04-07 2020 Prospect Primer: RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire
2020-04-07 Lavonte David: Tom Brady Can Get Bucs 'Over the Hump'
2020-04-07 Bucs Uniforms Reveal Full Circle Moment for Lavonte David
2020-04-07 All the Information You Need to Know About the Bucs New Uniforms and How to Buy Them
2020-04-08 Daily Bucs Trivia: Uniform Debuts and End Zones
2020-04-08 What Bucs Players Think of their New Uniforms
2020-04-08 Fans React to the Bucs New Uniform
2020-04-08 Tom Brady Opens Up on the Howard Stern Show | Carmen Catches Up
2020-04-09 Daily Bucs Trivia: Friend and Foe 
2020-04-09 Bucs Seven-Round Draft Projection, Challenge Style
2020-04-09 S.S. Mailbag: Surrounding TB12
2020-04-09 Bucs Mike Evans Makes $100,000 Donation for COVID-19 Relief
2020-04-09 Bucs New Uniforms Draw from Super Bowl Era
2020-04-09 Jason Licht: 'Sometimes Best Picks Not at Position of Need'
2020-04-09 Jason Licht: Bucs Have More Faith than Ever in Ronald Jones, Will Still Look to Add RB in Draft
2020-04-10 Bucs Can Afford to Spend Draft Asset on Another QB
2020-04-10 Daily Bucs Trivia: Touchdown University 
2020-04-13 Draft and Post-Draft Free Agency Offer Receiver Options for the Bucs
2020-04-13 Daily Bucs Trivia: Dynamic Ballcarriers
2020-04-13 Bucs Players Step Up for COVID-19 Relief, Jason Licht & Staff Make Draft Accommodations | Carmen Catches Up
2020-04-13 2020 Bucs Mock Draft Roundup 15.0
2020-04-14 2020 Prospect Primer: WR Henry Ruggs III
2020-04-14 Daily Bucs Trivia: Scoring Machines
2020-04-14 Bucs Get OT, RB in Mel Kiper Jr.’s Latest Two-Round Mock on ESPN
2020-04-14 Buccaneers Pledge $100,000 along with Rays, Lightning to City’s New One Tampa: Relief Now, Rise Together Fund
2020-04-15 Daily Bucs Trivia: Lasting Drafts
2020-04-15 Q&A: Bucs' New Helmet and Marks
2020-04-15 Brady Goes All-In for COVID-19 Relief and Bucs Have Three First-Round Picks from 2019 Draft | Carmen Catches Up
2020-04-15 Glazer Family Donates Another $100,000 to St. Pete ‘Fighting Chance Fund’ for COVID-19 Relief
2020-04-16 S.S. Mailbag: New Uniforms and New Bucs
2020-04-16 Daily Bucs Trivia: Friend and Foe, Part Two
2020-04-16 Chris Godwin Recalls Draft Experience, Has Confidence in the Future
2020-04-16 2020 Prospect Primer: RB Cam Akers
2020-04-16 Bucs Players Pull Double Duty: Help Local Businesses While Donating Meals to Those in Need
2020-04-17 Buccaneers.com 2020 Mock Draft 6.0
2020-04-17 Daily Bucs Trivia: Pick, Pick, Pick
2020-04-17 Chris Godwin on Tom Brady: ‘You Sense the Competitiveness and Urgency in Him’
2020-04-17 Daniel Jeremiah Talks Trade Up for Buccaneers
2020-04-20 Daily Bucs Trivia: Almost a Touchdown
2020-04-20 Bucs Virtual Draft Party to Feature Plenty of Guests and Fan Interactions
2020-04-20 2020 Bucs Mock Draft Roundup 16.0
2020-04-20 Peter King Has Bucs Going Defense in First Round of NFL Draft & More Draft Party Details | Carmen Catches Up
2020-04-21 Daily Bucs Trivia: Making His Carries Count
2020-04-21 Six Draft Storylines that Could Affect the Buccaneers
2020-04-21 Glazer Family Continues to Provide COVID-19 Relief
2020-04-21 Gronk Addition Gives Bucs' Offense New Dimension
2020-04-22 10 Things to Know About Rob Gronkowski
2020-04-22 Daily Bucs Trivia: College Pipelines
2020-04-22 Rob Gronkowski & Tom Brady: Reunited and It Feels So Good
2020-04-22 Media Reacts to Bucs Blockbuster Trade for Rob Gronkowski
2020-04-22 Who’s Excited? Fans React to Getting Gronk
2020-04-22 Stunning Trade Reunites Rob Gronkowski with Tom Brady as Buccaneers
2020-04-23 Daily Bucs Trivia: Draft-Day Trade Partners
2020-04-23 S.S. Mailbag: Of Puppies and Personnel Packages
2020-04-23 Bucs Wielding Valuable Assets as 2020 Draft Arrives
2020-04-23 Mock-Mentum: Buc Predictions Pick Up Steam As Draft Approaches
2020-04-23 Why Now: What Got Rob Gronkowski Out of Retirement
2020-04-23 Buccaneers.com 2020 Mock Draft: Final Version
2020-04-23 How to Watch and Listen to the NFL Draft as a Buccaneers Fan
2020-04-24 Five Things to Know About Tristan Wirfs
2020-04-24 Buccaneers Trade Up, Take Iowa OT Tristan Wirfs with No. 13 Pick
2020-04-24 Daily Bucs Trivia: Round by Round
2020-04-24 Blood, Sweat and Tears: Tristan Wirfs Rides the Wave to Tampa
2020-04-24 No Risk It, No Biscuit: Bucs Take No Chances with Tristan Wirfs Pick
2020-04-24 Versatility, Pro-Level Readiness What Drew Bucs to Wirfs
2020-04-24 Eight Potential Round Two Targets for the Buccaneers
2020-04-24 Five Things to Know About Antoine Winfield Jr.
2020-04-25 Bucs Grab Minnesota Safety Antoine Winfield Jr. with Second-Round Pick
2020-04-25 Five Things to Know About Ke’Shawn Vaughn
2020-04-25 Bucs Add Work Horse Ke'Shawn Vaughn to Running Back Stable
2020-04-25 Bucs' Selection "Means Everything" to Antoine Winfield, Jr.
2020-04-25 Match Game: 2020 Draft Meeting Bucs' Needs
2020-04-25 RB Ke’Shawn Vaughn Excited to Work ‘Hand-in-Hand’ with Tom Brady
2020-04-25 Bucs Pick Up DL Depth in Nebraska's Khalil Davis
2020-04-25 Worth the Wait: Bucs Select WR Tyler Johnson From Minnesota in Fifth Round
2020-04-25 Bucs Round Out 2020 Draft with Louisiana-Lafayette RB Raymond Calais
2020-04-25 Buccaneers Bolster Linebacking Corps with Temple's Chapelle Russell in Seventh Round
2020-04-25 Bucs Bolster D-Line Rotation with Nebraska's Khalil Davis in Sixth Round
2020-04-25 Bucs Snare WR Tyler Johnson in Round Five, Add Another Option to Offense
2020-04-25 Back for More: Bucs Add RB Ke'Shawn Vaughn to Loaded Offense
2020-04-25 Safety Measures: Bucs Nab Ball-Hawking Safety Antoine Winfield, Jr.
2020-04-25 Block-Buster: Bucs Trade Up for T Tristan Wirfs in First Round
2020-04-25 Fast Facts about the Bucs Day Three Picks in the NFL Draft
2020-04-27 Daily Bucs Trivia: Draft Double-Up
2020-04-27 Bucs Mock Draft Grade Roundup
2020-04-27 2020 Draft Wrap: Big Offseason Gets Bigger
2020-04-27 New Numbers Give Rookies Opportunities to Make Buc History
2020-04-28 Receiver Depth Helped Bucs Get Their Man in Tyler Johnson
2020-04-28 Daily Bucs Trivia: One Big Day
2020-04-29 Buccaneers.com 2020 Mock Draft Review
2020-04-29 Daily Bucs Trivia: Jersey Brothers
2020-04-29 Everything that Went into Making the 2020 NFL Draft One to Remember for the Bucs
2020-04-29 Bucs Exercise Fifth-Year Option on O.J. Howard
2020-04-30 S.S. Mailbag: Post-Draft Ponderings
2020-04-30 Daily Bucs Trivia: Last Call
2020-04-30 Why Tyler Johnson Could Be a Major Steal and Gronk Named Favorite for Major NFL Award | Carmen Catches Up